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Client Success Story: Goldberg Rimberg & WEG PLLC

Bi-coastal Law Firm Eliminates IT Sprawl and Becomes 100% Cloud with Boxtop™

Goldberg Rimberg & Weg PLLC, is a boutique commercial litigation and real estate law firm with offices in New York City’s financial district and Beverly Hills. The firm specializes in litigation, real estate, corporate transactions, and construction.

The firm currently has 18 employees, including 11 attorneys who often travel around the country for client matters. The staff also includes receptionists and paralegals.

Goldberg Rimberg & Weg has outsourced its IT to Tabush Group for over 10 years. The law firm had an in-house server and had started using several cloud-based software programs and storage apps. But, they were constantly having to invest in new hardware and suffered from downtime during serious weather events when electricity went out or employees couldn’t get to the office. In 2015, when the firm’s leadership heard about a new all-in-one virtual workspace cloud service Tabush was developing called Boxtop™, they knew it was the ideal solution for them.

Eliminating cloud sprawl

The bi-coastal law firm had an in-house server for files and applications, and started to use several cloud-based software and storage apps a few years ago, such as a cloud-based time and billing application. But, none of the systems were connected and had to be accessed individually from different applications

With Boxtop™, all of the firm’s software programs are now in the cloud and can all be accessed in the same way – through virtual desktops. “We were already used to having documents in the cloud, but now when we access files and programs from any device, they’re all accessible right from a familiar desktop environment,” said Robert L. Rimberg, Managing Partner at Goldberg Rimberg & Weg PLLC.

Cutting out hardware replacement costs

The employees at Goldberg Rimberg & Weg were using old PCs, and the firm’s leadership knew they would have to start making some large capital expenditures to replace a lot of equipment. “We were finding that we had to constantly get new hardware, which was getting very expensive,” said Rimberg.

By switching to Boxtop™, they were able to simply get rid of their old PCs without having to replace any of them. The attorneys who travel for work use laptops or tablets of their choice when outside of the office, and all staff in the office now use thin clients to log into Boxtop™, which provides a powerful desktop environment in the cloud that meets the demands of all employees’ workloads.

Reducing downtime

During Superstorm Sandy, Goldberg Rimberg & Weg’s New York City office was without power for two weeks. With an in-house server and no access to PCs, this resulted in frustrating downtime for the firm. With clients all over the country, they can’t risk any downtime in their main office.

Now with Boxtop™, there’s no excuse for not getting anything done. It eliminates the need for servers and employees can easily log into Boxtop™ from anywhere and from any type of device with an internet connection.

“Some of our employees who can’t get into the office during snowstorms, for instance, can now work from home as if they’re in the office,” said Rimberg.

Advantages for attorneys who travel

With clients all over the country, and bi-coastal offices, the attorneys at Goldberg Rimberg & Weg's travel frequently for work. With Boxtop™, they are able to access files and software programs securely with the exact same user experience as if they’re working at the desk in their office. Boxtop™ keeps all data secured in multiple Tier-3 datacenters with nothing stored on a user’s device, therefore it eliminates any worry about confidential data being left behind on an insecure computer.

“When staying in a hotel, I can work on a document on my laptop, then go down to the hotel’s business center, log into Boxtop™ from one of the PCs, and access my desktop as if I was still on my laptop. I can then easily print a document on the business center’s local printer without having to hassle with emailing it to myself or copying it onto a USB drive. I love how I have secure access to everything from everywhere. It’s so simple,” said Rimberg.