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Security at Tabush Group

Every cloud provider says they’re secure, but how do you really know that they are? Well, here at Tabush Group, we know we are secure, and we’re proud to tell you why.

Topics: Cloud IT Security Cybersecurity

From the Desk of Morris Tabush: See His Home Office Recommendations

Eight months after companies took the proactive step to transition to working from home, many people still have a temporary setup at home and are learning how to adapt to this new reality and lifestyle.  I received many questions about how to make a more comfortable work from home environment to ensure productivity.  Below is my personal work from home recommendations. As you'll see, I'm a big Logitech fan!

Replay: The Future of the Office

In this webinar, we discussed what the office of the future will look like including the physical real estate footprint, technology needs, and business strategy.  Our panelists and moderator looked at trends and opportunities in the real estate market along with workforce well-being related to office spaces.  They also examined technology considerations to maintain productivity and stay connected regardless of whether physical offices stay or disappear.

Topics: Desktop as a Service (DaaS) remote access