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What Does a Repeal of Net Neutrality Mean for Businesses?

Yesterday, the FCC unveiled plans to overturn the 2015 net neutrality ruling, meaning that internet service providers would be able to prioritize certain types of internet traffic over others rather than treating all traffic equally. But what does this mean to companies who rely on internet access (which in this day and age, is just about every business)?

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Will the Internet Break?

Last Friday morning 7am Eastern Time, news started breaking of the internet being down on the east coast of the US. People were having issues accessing multiple websites including Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter during a period of two hours. Later that day, a second shorter outage occurred. 

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Why VoIP and The Internet Don't Play Well Together.

In April, I explored whether Willy Wonka invented the Internet in this post. So far, neither Vint Cerf nor anyone else has disputed this theory; so my next task will be to propose that www shall stand for Willy Wonka Web, instead of the World Wide Web.

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Did Willy Wonka Invent the Internet?

(We all know it wasn't Al Gore)

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