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Will Boxtop Save Me Money?

Anytime a business needs to make an IT decision, the primary focus should be value.  Change always has a cost – be it the time to implement or train staff in a new system, the cost of the unknowns in the new system (versus the knowns of the current system), or the actual hard cost in dollars of new technology.  In any case, a business almost always decides to make a change because they are confident that the value delivered by the new system will outweigh its costs and risks, and it will do so by ultimately increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency.  Given all this, we are often presented with a very simple question regarding our Boxtop cloud IT platform, “Will Boxtop save us money?”  While the answer is not universal and often takes some time to get to, it is most often ‘yes.’ Here is how.

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Reducing Your IT Spending in 5 Simple Steps

Most managers and owners of small- to medium-sized businesses are operating on smaller budgets. Because of this, they always look for new ways to minimize costs, and luckily, there are many ways to do this. One specific area to look at that could greatly minimize costs is technology. As I’m sure you know, technology is far from cheap but of course there’s always a way to keep your expenses down.

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Does the cloud really save your business money?

We are not surprised to hear that the debate rages on amongst business owners on if cloud services and cloud computing saves business money.

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