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Cybersecurity Concerns for Small Businesses


Cyberattack = an attempt by hackers to
damage or destroy a computer network or system


Due to several highly publicized data breaches at well-known large brands, cybersecurity has been a hot topic in both tech and main stream media recently. Just because the topic of data protection is currently at the forefront of news reports, it’s important to be aware that it’s in fact always a relevant and important topic. Additionally, it’s just as important for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as it is for large corporations. A lack of security in your IT infrastructure can lead to an interruption in the ability of your team and business to function.The New York Times recently profiled several small businesses whose operations were put in jeopardy because of cyberattacks.

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Predictions for Small Business IT in 2016

This time of year always brings a slew of articles about “what’s next” – the hot technologies, stocks, real estate markets, movies, music, food – what we should all plan to use/invest in/watch/ eat, etc. Since everyone else is doing it, I figured why not chime in on the topic I spend most of my time in: Small Business IT. So, without further ado, here are my predictions for 2016:

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Minimize Your Risks When Employees Leave

Allowing employees to bring their own device and use it at work is very popular due to the benefits of increased productivity and cost effectiveness. With BYOD , employees provide their own technology, which means their more likely to work on their own time. 

If you own or run a business this may sound like a winning proposition; although there are risks with BYOD when an employee is fired or let go. You must inspect their iPhone or laptop to ensure it doesn’t contain company information and this may not always be possible.

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Prepare Your Business for a Tornado Now Before It’s Too Late!

Tornados are one of mother nature's most unpredictable natural disasters that cause devisation to many businesses each year. It is important for businesses to take proper precautions to prepare for any given situation to reduce any risk from having to rebuild their firms. 

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