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Client success story: AKA Enterprise Solutions

Improving & Upgrading an Internal IT Network

Software Gurus Look to Tabush to Get Hard-Wired

For more than two decades, AKA Enterprise Solutions has been one of the leading Microsoft Software Specialists in New York. A six-time winner of The Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner of the Year Award, AKA is easily the most recognizable provider of innovative and unique sales, service, solutions and support based on Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

All Systems Go

In 2011, AKA looked to Tabush Group when their own systems weren't working the way they needed them to. While the 40+ members that comprise the AKA Team are of some of the brightest in the business, they focus on client projects and support, not on their internal IT. The network, as it stood, was on its last leg and on AKA's last nerve. This brilliant software company was hobbling through business processes with old servers, failing backups, bandwidth and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) problems, and endpoint management issues. They needed help. Fortunately, Tabush was there.

Because Morris Tabush had interned at AKA from 1999-2000, they knew they could rely on Tabush to get the job done. After weeks of "how's" and "why's," it was determined and agreed upon that Tabush would implement their AMP managed services suite to get their network under control. Tabush performed vital network upgrades including:

  • Replacing aging servers,
  • Implementing a virtual server environment, and
  • Setting up managed help-desk services

AKA now had full use of AMP, T2 off-site backups and 24/7 monitoring of their systems.

Instant Gratification

Once Tabush's extensive onboarding process was completed, AKA was up and running better than ever. Things that weren't working before, suddenly began working. The number of complaints and issues dropped by over 80%. They no longer faced the frustration of missing information, a crawl-paced network and less-than-stellar backups.

The most important aspect of this implementation was that their staff was finally able to focus on their clients, resume working at a normal speed and generate more revenue.