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Client Success Story: Fashion options

Implementation of a Managed Remote Data Protection Service

Backing It Up With Fashion

Fashion Options is a family-owned licensing and apparel manufacturing company based in New York City. With over three generations of success, their most notable brand, Beverly Hills Polo Club, is ranked in the top 50 brands for retail sales volume.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Gigabytes

Fashion Options is a successful apparel company that shares and stores large artwork files, complex EDI (electronic data exchange), and planning data. Because of their large quantity of data and complex backup requirements, in 2011, Fashion Options asked Tabush Group if there was a better way to protect their technology. They wanted to implement something strong and reliable to cover all their shared files, their mission-critical Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System, a large email database, and hundreds of EDI files. Tabush Group knew just the right solution for Fashion Options.

Because of Tabush Group's vast technical knowledge, they knew that T2, their fully managed remote data protection service, was the right solution for Fashion Options. Each night, hundreds of terabytes of Fashion Options' data is backed up and protected in Tabush Group's data centers. 

Clearing Out The Clutter In The Closet

Prior to Tabush Group implementing T2, Fashion Options relied on a mix of tape, portable hard drives, and manual labor to piece together their backup method. Within one day, Tabush Group deployed all software agents and backed up all of their data. Tabush Group is proud to say that nearly a decade later, they are now backing up hundreds of gigabytes of Fashion Option's data.  Because of the T2 implementation, Fashion Options can now stop worrying about their IT data and focus on their business.