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CPA Firm Finds Top of the Line Security and Support from Boxtop

Popper and Company, LLP is a CPA firm in New York City that has been serving high net worth individuals and small to mid-sized businesses for more than 50 years.  The firm has approximately 25 people and has been paperless since 2005.  When the firm’s solo long-term IT service provider suddenly became ill, Popper urgently needed a replacement and hired another solo IT consultant.  Over the next year, however, it became clear that they needed a more robust IT service provider with a deeper support capability.  Popper sought to ease their IT challenges by choosing Tabush Group to support and upgrade their existing IT infrastructure through the implementation of Boxtop.


Popper’s IT system was running on multiple servers and PCs that were reaching both their maximum capacity limits and end of life.  Being a technology-dependent firm with a lot of data, Popper knew they needed to upgrade their IT infrastructure. 

Popper was concerned about their on-premise server and the overall reliability of their IT.  If their on-premise server went down, the firm would have to delay business to resolve the issue, causing long, unproductive downtime for the firm.  Thus, Popper was looking for a better solution and an IT partner to provide dependable IT assistance.

The firm also had a need for increased mobility outside the office.  Employees had remote access through a VPN, but it was inefficient and offered inconsistent experiences when transitioning between desktops in the office and remote access.  Additionally, Popper knew they needed to increase their IT security, but was unsure what to implement and how to do it.

Popper needed an IT partner who could provide dependable IT support and also guide them through implementing better cybersecurity measures, and so, the firm made a decision to look for a new IT partner.


Popper conducted substantial research and asked clients and peers for recommendations to find the right IT service provider.  The firm was introduced to Tabush Group through a referral from an existing Tabush Group client.

Initially, Popper was intent on owning their own IT equipment and having Tabush Group provide Managed IT Services.  However, as Popper became more familiar with Tabush Group and began to consider the costs and security issues surrounding the upgrade, they began to seriously consider a cloud environment.  After reviewing both managed services and Tabush Group’s cloud solution, Boxtop, Popper decided they would benefit more from a dependable and secure cloud solution.  The firm demoed Boxtop from various locations and used numerous software programs to evaluate the overall performance and speed of Boxtop.  Jeffrey Popper, Managing Partner at Popper and Company, stated, “We liked Tabush Group and the cloud services they offered,” which ultimately led the firm to move their entire IT infrastructure to the Boxtop cloud.


Boxtop proved to be a more cost-effective solution for Popper with no degradation in IT connection and performance speed.  In addition, employees were able to work remotely more efficiently and with greater flexibility with Boxtop.  “We wanted to eliminate the need for us to worry about infrastructure, and with Boxtop now we don’t have to worry about our servers or hardware going down,” says Popper. 

One of the most noticeable improvements Popper experienced with Boxtop is the support they receive from Tabush Group.  “I am very confident that I can get people’s eyes and ears when I need them,” stated Popper.  Tabush Group offers a help desk that is available by phone and email with both on-site and after-hours business-critical support availability.  Additionally, the individuals at Popper do not have to introduce themselves or explain the programs they use every time they call the helpdesk.  “It is nice to talk to the same people each time we call,” adds Popper.  The staff at Popper is very pleased that Tabush Group makes a significant effort to be responsive and helpful.  Popper says, “The most important thing for me is that I trust what Tabush Group tells me.”

The firm also appreciates the improved mobility experience Boxtop provides.  “It is great to access my actual desktop from anywhere and see my work environment whenever I log in,” says Popper.  The firm’s employees have access to all their files and applications through the Boxtop cloud from any internet-connected device, whenever they need it.  Moreover, with Boxtop, the firm receives top-of-the-line security, protecting their own data, and more importantly, their clients’ data.  Popper explains, “I have better security, I am comfortable, and I can sleep better at night.”

Popper states that “once everything was up and running, we were very happy.”  Boxtop ensures that the firm does not have to worry about their IT anymore and can, instead, focus on their own business and clients.  “As an organization, we have a lot of faith in Boxtop,” states Popper.