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Client Success Story: Price, Meese, Shulman & D'Arminio, P.C.

Selecting an IT Partner & Migrating to the Cloud

Selecting a new IT service provider is not an easy process. The incorrect partner will lead to loss of time, productivity and money. Price, Meese, Shulman & D’Arminio, P.C. (PMSD, P.C.) went through this selection process in 2013-2014, found pitfalls, but in the end, came through strong.

PMSD, P.C. is a corporate and personal law firm in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, with approximately 45 employees.

In 2013, they started looking for a new IT service provider. They felt their current Service Provider did not understand their needs and lacked the experience to migrate their current IT systems to the cloud. The decision to move their services to the cloud was considered a necessity.

"The reason we decided we had to move to the cloud was because of emergencies like Sandy and Irene. Losing power shouldn’t mean losing connectivity with our clients. Lawyers aren’t 9-5 people, and the importance of our systems is availability and accessibility 24/7, 365," said Dawn Budris, Office Administrator at PMSD, P.C.

After reviewing multiple service providers it came down to Tabush and one other firm. PMSD, P.C. decided to hire the alternate MSP to oversee their existing network and to undertake the large task of moving their firm’s systems to the cloud. The decision was made mainly due to their perceived budget and the fact that the other service provider was based in New Jersey.

After approximately six months of working with the new IT service provider, PMSD, P.C. realized that their infrastructure had not improved and the relocation of systems to the cloud was faltering badly. They were having consistent issues with their email and also with accessing very important shared files on a daily basis. They knew that the systems were not functioning as outlined in their requirements, but didn’t know exactly why. Worse still, clear answers were not forthcoming from their IT partner.

“It would only be a matter of time before something went very wrong,” said Budris. “And when it did, I knew we would be in trouble.”

Because PMSD, P.C. had already reached out to Tabush Group for help before choosing their current IT provider, they knew that Tabush was reliable, understood their needs and therefore, would be able to reverse the current situation and the damage done— a decision was made to reach back out to Tabush for another consultation.

PMSD, P.C. immediately saw improvement. A clear plan was communicated by Tabush to their management. A structured support process was put in place, the recurring email and file share access issues were resolved and the migration to the cloud was reevaluated.

As originally required at the outset of 2013, PMSD, P.C.’s IT systems were successfully migrated to the cloud. They are utilizing Tabush’s private cloud which is located at Tabush’s Staten Island Telehouse datacenter facility.

"Tabush took the time to understand the workings of our firm and therefore provided a more sophisticated system than our previous IT partner," said Budris.

It has taken longer, and with increased cost, for PMSD, P.C. to see clear results— and results they are happy with. Mistakenly choosing an improper Managed Service Provider can lead to many more issues than originally perceived, and for that, we emphasize a wise, thought-out decision process. Regardless of the initial choice, we are delighted to be assisting them and many others on their quest toward IT solutions that fit their specific needs.