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The 2023 Survey on Law Firm Technology

Throughout the pandemic, many law firms found themselves grappling to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology that was shaping the future of the legal industry. We surveyed more than 100 Managing Partners and Firm Administrators to gain insight into how they view IT at their firms. Our report analyzes the ways in which law firms are adapting to these technological changes, particularly in relation to their IT priorities, cybersecurity, the cloud, productivity, and efficiency.

How should these critical decisions be approached?

Our report offers meaningful insights and benchmarking information to help firms as they look ahead.

Security Risks Are Top of Mind

Cybersecurity was both respondents’ number one IT priority for 2023, as well as their biggest challenge. Overall, human error – led by phishing attacks and compromised email – causes the most worry for firms. Yet firm leaders and key staff also said they are more confident about their firms’ ability to ward off such threats than they were just a few years ago.

36% of Firms Say Their Top IT Priority is Cybersecurity

Which, if any, are the cybersecurity risks your firm is concerned about in 2023?
Phishing 95%  
Email Compromised 77%  
End-User Error 47%  
Brute-Force Attack 46%  
Social Engineering 46%  

Firms Growing More Comfortable Outsourcing IT Management


79% Of Firms Choose To Outsource Some
or All Their IT Management

Outsourcing IT management is becoming the norm for small and mid-sized firms, with just 20 percent reporting that they handle all IT tasks in-house.

Cloud Is Crucial

Many respondents credited the pandemic and the rise of remote work for accelerating their firm’s transition to the cloud, while the vast majority believed the adoption of cloud-based software and systems had left their firms stronger.

Barriers Firms Face On
The Journey To The Cloud
Security Concerns 48%  
Cultural Resistance 34%  
Insufficient Tech Expertise 34%  
Compliance Concerns 32%  

Remote Work is Productive

The vast majority of firms agreed that IT is vital to their productivity and profitability, and most haven’t found remote work to be a hindrance to productivity, with nearly three-quarters reporting that attorneys and staff are able to work efficiently from anywhere.

67% of Attorneys Prefer To Work Remotely At Least Two Days A Week


Managing Partners and Firm Administrators Are Aligned— Mostly

While the firm leaders and administrative staff who responded to the survey are largely focused on the same IT matters, managing partners appear less likely to prioritize technology issues that may result in major spending.

Managing Partners and Firm Administrators Mostly Aligned
Managing Partners Firm Administrators
Cybersecurity 50%   27%  
Application Changes 11%   12%  
Other 15%   12%  
  • Managing Partners
  • Firm Administrators

About Tabush Group

Tabush Group is a leading provider of cloud and managed IT services. For more than 20 years, Tabush Group has specialized in delivering technology solutions to small and midsize law firms. Boxtop, Tabush Group’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud solution, provides true mobility with full security. Since the pandemic began, Tabush Group has helped many law firms seamlessly and securely transition to a hybrid workplace model.