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Analysis and In-Depth Insights: Download Our 2024 Law Firm Tech Survey Whitepaper

To say law firms are facing a period of technological change is something of an understatement. From hybrid workplaces and cybersecurity threats to the looming opportunities and challenges posed by artificial intelligence, legal leaders are grappling with a series of seismic shifts that may fundamentally change the legal business model.

This year, we surveyed more than 120 law firm leaders to gain insight into how they view IT at their firms, and our report analyzes how law firms are adapting to these technological changes.

Download the whitepaper below to discover meaningful insights and benchmarking information to help firms as they look ahead.

Security Risks Are Top of Mind

Cybersecurity is the top IT priority for law firms in 2024 and it also remains at the top of the list of technology problems. Phishing, compromised emails, end-user errors, and social engineering are among the most pressing cybersecurity concerns firm leaders and administrators predict for the year ahead.

31% of Firms Say Cybersecurity is Their
Top IT Priority


AI Gains Traction, But Has A Long Way To Go


48% Of Firms Said They Are Using AI in Some Capactity

Nearly half of firms said they are deploying artificial intelligence, but many respondents said AI tools have yet to improve productivity and efficiency at their firms. Respondents said that a lack of understanding of the technology, quality, accuracy issues, and regulatory and ethical concerns are the chief barriers to increasing the use of AI tools.

IT Outsourcing Rises At Large Firms

Firms with more than 100 attorneys and staff saw the strongest outsourcing growth this year, with 60% now fully or partially outsourcing IT management, up from 52% in 2023. Across the board, nearly 8 in 10 law firms said they are outsourcing some or all of their IT management.

Across The Board, 77% of Firms Outsource Some Or All of Their IT


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