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From Problem Partner to Productive Partner: Helping Your Law Firms’ Underperformers

All firms have it. Leadership hopes it will fix itself, but it won’t. Dealing with underperforming partners is one of those topics that make managing partners and firm leaders cringe.

No one wants to have “the talk” with the underperformer. To be an effective leader and to move your firm forward you must address this situation no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand why underperformance happens
  • Identify the reasons for the underperformance of a partner
  • Create a framework to improve the individual’s practice
We look forward to seeing you!


Thursday, June 15 | 12:00pm ET

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  Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams
Legal Talent Advisors LLC LinkedIn_logo_initials (1)

Hosted By:

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  Morris Tabush
  Principal, Tabush Group LinkedIn_logo_initials (1)

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