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Data loss is no joke.

Keep it safe with T2.

A solid backup and disaster recovery plan is essential for long term business success. In the event of a disaster, your company can't afford to lose valuable data and applications.

Insuring your data is protected, T2 Data Protection is a fully automated and managed backup service, designed to protect files, applications, and entire servers.

We don't just give you the tools - we do the work.


We were running out of space and we knew it. By looking to Tabush to help us solve this issue, we knew we were in good hands. Our days, quite simply, just run much smoother. The fear of losing our data is gone and now we can focus on our business.

Thomas Hammill
Chief Financial Officer
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Full-service cloud-based backup & disaster recovery

Built on enterprise-level technology in use by over 35,000 businesses, utilizing Tabush Group's rock solid infrastructure, and backed by our team of experts, our T2 Data Protection solution is the best way to protect business critical systems in today's environment, with security to keep your important data safe.




Full-service backup
and recovery


Military-grade encryption
for maximum security


WAN optimized data
and de-duplication


3 geographically-dispersed
datacenters across the US


Our client's data gets the treatment it deserves.

Three geographically-dispersed datacenters meet ISO 9001:2000 certification and SSAE-16 compliance, combined with four levels of security (including military-grade encryption) keep your data safe from beginning to end with built-in redundancies for disaster protection.


We ease your burdens by managing the backups for you.

Daily monitoring by our team of experts ensures that we always have current and reliable backups. Failproof recovery means you can always get your data back. We have proven it dozens of times, reliably and quickly restoring single files, critical databases, and entire systems.


Today, a business will suffer from data loss. Don't let it be yours. Learn more about our T2 Data Protection solution.