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Tabs3 and Worldox: In the Cloud, without Compromise 

In the past, moving to the cloud meant taking email and perhaps an application or two to the cloud. But it also meant challenges as different clouds did not always integrate and cloud applications lacked features.

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Now you can have all of the benefits and security of the cloud for everything – your infrastructure, all your applications, and your data. Everything will work together in a single cloud and you can take the full versions of all your applications – including Tabs3 and Worldox! 

Join Tabush Group and DoxAdvisors for a webinar, Tabs3 and Worldox: In the Cloud, without Compromise to learn how you can have the best of both worlds – all the applications you need with the security and benefits of cloud! 

This webinar will cover:

  • What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)?  Why is it the fastest growing type of cloud?  Learn about the benefits a DaaS solution can offer your law firm
  • Tips when using Tabs3 in a DaaS cloud environment
  • Tips when using Worldox Professional Gx4 in a DaaS cloud environment
  • Hear from Amabile & Erman PC, a firm that uses Tabs3 and Worldox in the Boxtop DaaS cloud solution, to see firsthand what benefits the law firm experiences

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | 1pm ET

Peter Brannigan Peter Brannigan, Partner at DoxAdvisors LinkedIn_logo_initials (1)

John Rock John Rock, Partner at DoxAdvisors LinkedIn_logo_initials (1)

Darragh Fitzpatrick Darragh Fitzpatrick, EVP & Partner at Tabush Group LinkedIn_logo_initials (1)

Tabs3 and Worldox: In the Cloud, without Compromise