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Client Success Story: The american academy of dramatic arts

Rebuilding an IT Network Infrastructure

Lights, Camera, Action.

Founded in 1884, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts was the first acting school in America. The academy, boasting locations in New York City and Los Angeles, offers aspiring actors the opportunity to develop their craft while working towards multiple degree options. Notable alumni include Grace Kelly, Danny Devito, and Robert Redford.

The Show Must Go On

In 2011, AADA’s behind-the-scenes IT infrastructure simply was not living up to their standards.  When Tabush Group first met AADA their network was not structured.  Between aging hardware, failing systems, no data backups, and a significant virus outbreak, AADA’s network was about to go black.  On top of it all, they were paying through the roof for IT support and telecom services.

Because the network was in such bad shape, Tabush Group had to take an extremely careful and studied approach. Tabush Group set up endpoint management using AMP (Application Performance Management) and installed top-of-the-line anti-virus. From there, Tabush Group upgraded the network by installing new switches, firewalls, and upgrading servers. Essentially, Tabush Group had to rebuild the network infrastructure from the ground up. Tabush Group reduced AADA’s nearly $200,000 a year IT support cost by more than 50%.

The last step was to deploy Tabush Group's  T2 managed cloud backup platform to ensure that the school’s data was safe.

Roll Credits

Today, AADA's day-to-day work environment is running smoothly.  The systems that did not work are now up and running reliably. Through the years, Tabush Group has been an integral part of several projects, including an expansion to provide secure and managed wireless service to their twelve-floor student housing facility, and managing and supporting AADA’s network as a whole.