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At Tabush Group, we understand that IT is intrinsic to the operation of your company. You need reliable, efficient, secure, and well-designed technology to succeed in today’s competitive, 24/7 world. You can’t afford to have your system go down due to faulty equipment or utility outages. You also can’t tolerate the security risks and lost productivity that stem from inefficient, insecure technology systems. 

For more than two decades, Tabush Group has provided enterprise-level managed IT services for small and midsize businesses. Our team of talented and diverse professionals cares deeply about the relationship we form with our clients. Through superior service and innovation, we strive to make your IT as simple as possible to ensure you can operate efficiently, securely, and without interruption. 

Depending on your needs, Tabush Group can serve as your entire IT department or as a supplement to your IT team with a variety of services customized to meet the needs of your company.


Two-hour SLA


24x7x365 Monitoring


On-Site Support Available


AMP Automation


Premium Security Suite


Scheduled Maintenance/Audits


Our dedicated support team is always available for our clients.

Best practices, ongoing training, and attention to detail all help ensure we meet or exceed our service goals. Our professionally staffed help desk includes both desktop and network engineers, reachable via phone, email, or our online client portal. We use a ticketing system to track every single issue, referencing the assigned ticket number until it's resolved. Clients can access ticket statuses via our online client portal.

In addition, our account and project managers work closely with each client to understand their business. Regularly scheduled strategy meetings focus on where the business is headed and how IT can play a role.

Asset 1partnership

Strategic and Operational Partnership

We serve as a strategic and operational partner to our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Client Manager who acts as your virtual CTO. Your Client Manager works closely with you and your team, to learn about your business and your needs, to develop innovative IT solutions, and to provide ongoing proactive guidance to empower you to fully leverage your IT.

Asset 2security

Multi-Layered Security Suite

Security is our priority and is at the forefront of everything we do. Our multi-faceted approach to security emphasizes defensive measures. Through implementation of best practices, multi-layered security, patch management, anti-virus, anti-malware, secure DNS, monitoring, and audits, we provide superior protection for your systems and your data. 

Asset 3clock

24x7x365 Monitoring

Our 24x7x365 monitoring and advanced management platform automation help us detect and prevent IT and security issues, resulting in fewer interruptions for your company. We rapidly deploy resources and respond immediately to address any issues that arise.

Asset 4support

Expertise and Support

Our dedicated support team is accessible every business day with on-site support availability. We also provide after-hours support for business-critical issues. With a team of engineers with various specializations, we have the expertise to efficiently resolve your IT issues so you can focus on your business. We employ best practices, ongoing training, and attention to detail to ensure we meet or exceed your expectations.

Asset 5scale

Scalability and Cost Effectiveness

With Tabush Group, you can select the services your business requires and easily scale up or down as your needs evolve. Your firm is never stuck paying for unnecessary extra services, freeing up funds for growing your business.

Premium Defense Services

To help our clients combat the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, Tabush Group developed Premium Defense Services, an add-on service that provides a comprehensive set of advanced protections for organizations and their users. Ransomware, phishing, and other cybercrimes are constantly becoming more sophisticated, and the single greatest threat to any organization remains the people using the system. Premium Defense Services provides extra cybersecurity support in 5 critical areas: Education, Cloud, Perimeters, Endpoints, and Policy. Services include: 

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support and management
  • User awareness testing and reporting
  • User awareness training
  • Domain fraud protection  
  • Real-time multi-tier URL protection
  • Email spoof protection
  • Email attachment sandboxing
  • Email content warnings
  • Spear phishing protection using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Network perimeter monitoring and testing
  • IT security and best practice policies
  • Cybersecurity policy documentation
  • Cybersecurity compliance assistance

By managing your IT, Tabush Group provides you with peace of mind and allows you to focus on what you do best: your business.

Tabush provides an effective, multi-layered, focused approach as a managed service provider that works to keep our organization's operations running around the clock.

Jesus Perez, CAPM
Director of Technology & Evaluation
The Bronx Defenders


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