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Boxtop FAQS in 1 Minute

Boxtop in 1 Minute

 We answer your FAQs about Boxtop in 1 minute or less!

What is Boxtop?

Hear our founder, Morris Tabush, explain what Boxtop is and how it can help your firm.

Why Do Companies Switch to Boxtop?

Watch as Morris answers why company choose Boxtop.

Is Boxtop Different from a Computer?

Learn whether Boxtop is different from a computer.

But Aren't I Already in the Cloud?

Many people use 1 or 2 cloud-based programs. Listen to Morris explain how Boxtop moves everything to the cloud.

Why Boxtop?

Watch as Morris answers why Boxtop makes sense for firms.

When Should a Company Consider Boxtop?

Find out about the most common impetuses for a company to consider changing to Boxtop.

Does Boxtop Have a Performance Lag?

Take a peek at Boxtop and see whether there's a performance lag.

How is Boxtop Different from Citrix?

Learn about the differences between Boxtop and Citrix.

Still have questions about Boxtop?  Submit your question and we'll post a 1-minute video reply.