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Boxtop Empowers New Jersey Law Firm with Unmatched Support and Stable and Secure IT

A.Y. Strauss is a commercial law firm headquartered in Livingston, NJ. The firm partnered with Tabush Group for their IT needs in 2020.

Before Boxtop, A.Y. Strauss Experienced:

  • Increased Demand For Support: A.Y. Strauss’s growth accelerated their need for additional IT support and a deeper level of expertise.
  • A Desire For More Cybersecurity: A.Y. Strauss wanted to further strengthen their security against the ever-growing range of cyber threats.
  • Growing IT Infrastructure Needs: As their firm grew, A.Y. Strauss required updated infrastructure that could seamlessly scale with their IT needs.
The Solution: Boxtop empowered A.Y. Strauss to enhance every aspect of their firm’s IT. Through Boxtop, the law firm gained:

  • Dedicated Support and Expertise: A.Y. Strauss knows they can rely on Tabush Group’s team of experts to solve any issues and provide strategic IT guidance.
  • Bolstered Cybersecurity: Boxtop includes 24x7x365 monitoring, firewalls, malware protection, and much more, providing A.Y. Strauss with peace of mind against advanced cyber threats.
  • Enhanced Infrastructure: After moving their IT to the Boxtop private cloud, A.Y. Strauss gained a versatile and stable infrastructure, capable of meeting all their IT and business requirements.


As A.Y. Strauss grew, they needed their IT to keep pace. This growth increased the demand for more robust document management, accounting, and billing software, necessitating IT infrastructure upgrades. Additionally, when their attorneys and staff needed to work from home or on the go, they required a deeper level of support and expertise to navigate the challenges of working outside the office. More users also meant more opportunities for a cyber breach. Although they were always vigilant, the advancing sophistication of cyber threats prompted A.Y. Strauss to implement even more advanced cybersecurity solutions. These factors led A.Y. Strauss to seek an IT partner that could deliver enhanced support, robust cybersecurity, and improved IT infrastructure.


Sharon Swanson, the Executive Director of Business Operations for A.Y. Strauss, learned of Tabush Group through Aaron Strauss, the firm’s managing partner. Aaron had a trusted relationship with Morris Tabush, Principal of Tabush Group, through the Managing Partner Forum. After contacting Tabush Group, Sharon learned of Boxtop, Tabush Group’s cloud solution. Boxtop boasts strong security and accessibility while providing access to Tabush Group’s support and project service teams and a virtual CTO. Boxtop is also compatible with every application that A.Y. Strauss used, including the enhanced document management platform and accounting and billing software Sharon was considering.

After more research, conversations, and consideration, A.Y. Strauss chose Boxtop as their IT solution. Sharon says, “We ultimately chose Boxtop because of the integrity of Tabush Group and the relationship and trust built between Morris and our managing partner. We were confident Boxtop would work better for us than the competitors’ solutions.”


Tabush Group crafted a careful onboarding plan, coordinating with Sharon and Aaron. Sharon recalls, “It was a very smooth migration. If anyone had an issue, Tabush Group was available to hop on a call and walk them through the process.” Because Boxtop streams a Windows desktop to each user, there was nothing new for the firm’s attorneys and staff to learn. “Boxtop is an easy platform to work in, even for those who are less technologically savvy,” says Sharon. 

The need for extra support was a major factor in their decision to switch IT providers. With Boxtop, A.Y. Strauss has direct access to Tabush Group’s support team, enabling them to get an answer whenever an issue arises. “The customer service that directly solves our IT issues is very beneficial to our attorneys and staff,” says Sharon. “Tabush Group knows us, and we know who is on the other side of the phone.”

Enhancing their cybersecurity was another major factor for the switch and with Boxtop’s robust security and quarterly security training, A.Y. Strauss knows that they have limited their vulnerabilities. “Cybersecurity is important to us. We have a responsibility to our clients that is crucial to a law firm,” says Sharon.

A.Y. Strauss can also rely on Tabush Group for their industry knowledge and expertise. “It’s great to have people available when we have situations that pop up, outside of the typical simple questions. Tabush Group helps us with new applications and lends their expertise when I need input on something new,” says Sharon.

“We have a trusted partner we can turn to when we need support with minor and major IT decisions,” says Sharon. With Boxtop, A.Y. Strauss achieved security and stability, and has a true partner they can turn to for their IT needs