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How Boxtop Provides Support, Accessibility, and Enhanced Productivity to a Luxury Apparel Company

Badgley Mischka is a luxury apparel company based in New York City. The company partnered with Tabush Group in 2022.

Before Switching to Boxtop, Badgley Mischka Faced:

  • Communication Issues: Badgley Mischka’s IT provider was acquired by a larger firm, leading to a breakdown in support and communication
  • Hindrance to Hybrid: The company’s remote access solution suffered from poor functionality and hindered their productivity
  • Failing Hardware: Aging servers and PCs required costly upgrades and constant server reboots

Boxtop Overhauled Badgley Mischka’s Whole IT Infrastructure and Provided:

  • Strategic Partnership and Support: Tabush Group’s team of experts handle day-to-day support and project work for Badgley Mischka’s IT
  • Seamless Accessibility: Badgley Mischka’s staff accesses their Windows desktop, files, and applications seamlessly from anywhere using any device
  • Eradication of Servers and PCs: Boxtop moves IT infrastructure to the cloud so Badgley Mischka no longer has to buy or maintain servers or PCs


Once their IT provider was acquired by a larger firm, Badgley Mischka experienced a serious lack of support and communication. Their remote access system was stifling the accessibility and productivity of its workforce, who operate both hybrid and remote only. Additionally, the company’s aging PCs and servers began to breakdown, and they needed to reboot their servers several times per week, further exacerbating their issues. Badgley Mischka felt buying new hardware was a band-aid fix, and the costs were exorbitant. They knew they needed a strategic IT partner who could communicate effectively and proactively address their issues.


After a referral from an outside consultant, Badgley Mischka chose to partner with Tabush Group for their IT needs. Tabush Group provided valuable guidance and IT support, but Badgley Mischka still had to contend with outdated servers and infrastructure. The company wanted a more sustainable and long-term answer. Anthony Pisano, CFO of Badgley Mischka says, “We knew that Boxtop was the eventual solution,” and in 2023, they chose to migrate their entire IT to Tabush Group’s Boxtop cloud.

The onboarding process includes comprehensive planning to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Badgley Mischka noted the efficiency and depth of understanding Tabush Group possessed. “The migration team was amazing, they were always 10 steps ahead,” says Anthony. After executing a seamless migration, Badgley Mischka was free from their outdated servers and fully operating in the Boxtop cloud.


Almost immediately, Badgley Mischka began to realize the full benefits of Boxtop.  With nothing new to learn, Boxtop ensured a speedy transition for everyone at the company. “Nearly everything looked the same after we migrated,” says Anthony. “There was very little to learn.”

The lack of communication from their previous IT partner left Badgley Mischka without the support they needed. After partnering with Tabush Group, Anthony now knows he has a team of experts. “If I have a question, I can call and get a quick answer.”

After months of faulty servers and old PCs hindering Badgley Mischka’s productivity, Boxtop’s 99.99% uptime was a much-needed improvement. Because Boxtop moves a firm’s servers to the cloud, there’s no longer a need for costly hardware maintenance and upgrades. “Our servers used to go down every week,” says Anthony. “Boxtop is never down and is always there for us.” In addition, because everything is in the cloud,. Boxtop ensures everyone can work productively from any location.

Since implementing Boxtop, Badgley Mischka has experienced a plethora of benefits. The firm improved their productivity and accessibility, gained expert IT support, eliminated their aging hardware and PCs, and enhanced their overall IT experience.