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Law Firm Finds Flexibility and Efficiency with Boxtop

Bain & Barkley is a Texas-based law firm with approximately 20 employees that serves clients in the insurance defense industry, primarily focusing on auto accidents and storm claims. Bain and Barkley used an outsourced consultant to manage their IT and moved to the cloud in 2014; however, they experienced several issues and felt they were not experiencing the full benefits of cloud, ultimately deciding it was time for a change to their IT. Bain & Barkley started working with Tabush Group in the summer of 2019 and have experienced flexibility and efficiency since switching to Boxtop.


Bain & Barkley faced system crashes and intermittent server issues with their IT, especially while trying to automate all their processes for their cases. These system crashes made it very difficult for Bain & Barkley to work efficiently and would last several hours, halting all work. The firm was in need of an efficient, simple solution.   

Bain & Barkley wanted to implement a work from home environment for their staff to improve work-life balance and increase accessibility.  Unfortunately, Bain & Barkley faced the challenge of having a very expensive, yet limited, VPN.  The more people who needed to log in remotely at the same time, the more stressed the bandwidth became, causing everything to run much slower. If too many people were trying to access the office via VPN, it became virtually impossible to work effectively from home.

For many years, Bain & Barkley worked with an outsourced IT service provider. After some time, the IT service provider changed their management, causing delays with support and responses for Bain & Barkley. Bain & Barkley felt too dependent on an ineffective IT provider. 

Bain & Barkley knew it was time for a change to ensure the firm was leveraging the full benefits of the cloud and receiving the hands-on support the firm needed. They sought a solution that would provide flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. 


Bain & Barkley was introduced to Tabush Group’s private cloud service, Boxtop, at the Clio Conference in the summer of 2017. Through discussions with Tabush Group, Steve Bain, Partner at Bain & Barkley, discovered how Boxtop could meet his firm’s needs, including being a strategic IT partner and providing a better way to access his firm’s data and files from outside the office.

“Boxtop made sense to me and is a better choice for us,” says Bain. “Boxtop is also more cost-effective. I am getting a better value for what I am able to do through a cloud-based server than I was with the old IT firm we worked with,” stated Bain. Boxtop has proved to be more convenient and efficient for the firm, which led them to ultimately switch over to Boxtop.


Bain & Barkly experienced a seamless migration to Boxtop and the firm has not experienced any connection issues since making the switch. Bain stated that “the speed of Boxtop is great.” Moreover, Bain and Barkley has many part-time and temporary employees. “With Boxtop, setting up, creating, and removing accounts is remarkably inexpensive, quick, and easy compared to what we had in the past,” stated Bain.

Boxtop affords the entire law firm the ability to log in from any device and access their files, data, and applications through the Boxtop cloud. It completely eliminated the need for Bain & Barkley to have a VPN solution, and everyone can now work without any interruptions or slowness. “Boxtop just works for us on a lot of levels,” stated Bain. “We’ve also given up about 35 percent of our lease space at our Houston headquarters because of Boxtop, allowing our staff to work remotely and come and go as they please in the office,” explains Bain.  

Boxtop has not only allowed for more productivity and efficiency, it has also provided more flexibility and cost-effectiveness for Bain & Barkley and their staff. “Boxtop helped cut down commute time and expenses for employees and the firm,” claims Bain, “In the past, I hadn’t heard my staff compliment our IT providers, but now with Boxtop, my staff says “thank you” instead of complaining. That’s a win for everyone.” The firm chose Boxtop to allow ease of access, improve work-life balance for their employees, and increase efficiency. Bain stated that “Boxtop has made us a more competitive firm in the job market as working from home is more appealing now. I get to give my employees their time back with Boxtop because they can now work from home seamlessly.” 

Bain & Barkley admires how hands-on Tabush Group has been throughout the whole process. Working with Tabush Group made Bain & Barkley more comfortable with their IT. Since their old IT provider controlled their cloud, Bain stated it “made me feel uncomfortable, so switching to Boxtop is a better choice for us.”  

Now, Bain & Barkley has full access to their private cloud with Boxtop and can receive tech support from the Tabush Group help desk, which is accessible every business day with after-hours and critical support availability.