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client success story: Cookie's Department Store

Implementing the IT Infrastructure for a New POS System

Half-Century-Old Retailer Looks to Tabush Group for Modernization

Cookie’s Department Store is a seven location, award-winning children’s department store and one of the leading e-commerce sites for baby and children’s merchandise. Since its inception, Cookie’s has maintained their reputation as the world’s largest kid’s department store and the #1 school uniform headquarters in the United States.

A Million Dollar Crisis, Averted.

In 2006, Cookie’s considered implementing a point of sale system to replace their 30 year-old manual cash registers. The mundane task of button pushing and the ever-present “ring” of the registers no longer served their tremendously successful brand; it was time for Cookie’s to forge a new, more technologically advanced frontier. After a great deal of research, Cookie’s was close to sealing the deal with a POS software company. That’s where Tabush Group came in.

Cookie’s approached Tabush Group to “pitch” them for network implementation and managed services. We were ready to help in any way we could. Cookie’s expressed their needs, we listened. Through our conversations, we realized that the client didn’t fully know what they were getting into and, unfortunately, were not prepared for the full scope of the project. Because of our consultative and long-term approach, we were able to catch this early and let Cookie’s know. They assessed the information, put the project on hold and thanked us.

POS was a long time coming, but we weren’t ready. Thanks to Tabush Group, we realized that. They have always stressed the importance of being prepared.   Steve Velelis

Our straightforward approach saved them from making a million dollar mistake.

A Modern Solution for a Modern Company

In 2012, Cookie’s once again called on Tabush Group to take on their POS implementation. They were ready and fully understood the magnitude of the project. Tabush Group was tasked with managing the project. This included all infrastructure, servers, hardware, telecom and back-end work.

After carefully studying both the requirements and the environment, Tabush Group took the reigns as Project Manager and implemented a fully-redundant network to cover all stores, offices, and distribution centers.  This included managed and secure wireless for handheld scanners, off-site back up, disaster recovery, and 24×7 monitoring.  Most importantly, Tabush Group implemented its AMP network management software to help control over 250 endpoint PC’s and POS terminals. This helped eliminate otherwise tedious, maintenance and administrative tasks, saving Cookie’s IT Staff countless hours every month.

Post implementation, Cookie’s internal IT staff was trained on the platform to be able to operate efficiently and with minimal issues. Cookie’s is now able to more accurately track their products, inventory and overall, better run their business.

Cookie’s is currently focusing on future projects including integrating their warehousing and e-commerce system. Tabush Group has been involved in every step.