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Boston Law Firm Achieves IT Security and Flexibility with Boxtop

Donnelly, Conroy & Gelhaar, LLP (DCG) is a boutique litigation firm based in Boston that defends individuals and companies facing high-stakes criminal or civil challenges to liberty, reputation, or financial position. DCG worked with a small IT firm for the past 20 years and while they had a positive relationship, DCG wanted to investigate cloud options. Requiring an upgrade and higher security, DCG turned to Tabush Group for all their IT needs and moved to the Boxtop cloud.


DCG’s IT at the desktop and server level was aging out and updating their IT was going to be very costly. The firm also needed an easy and seamless way to archive their data and files. Additionally, like most law firms, DCG faces audit requirements from clients and institutional partners that require high levels of security and compliance.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, like many other firms, DCG noticed an increase in cyber threats and had concerns about how to increase their IT security. As the firm transitioned to working remotely, DCG also wanted a long-term business continuity solution that would offer the same level of security and productivity regardless of where attorneys and staff were working.

DCG believed that moving to the cloud would solve many of their IT issues, but their provider could not offer them the right solution. As the firm began to research cloud providers, they discovered that they would have to look beyond Boston to find the best partner and wondered if there would be additional complications if their provider was not local.

DCG sought an IT partner who could provide dependable IT support, guide them through implementing better cybersecurity measures, and handle day-to-day IT matters.


DCG met Tabush Group through the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Boston chapter. DCG developed a great relationship with Tabush Group and began an extended trial of Boxtop, Tabush Group’s private cloud solution, allowing DCG to explore not only Boxtop, but also the possibility of working with an IT partner based in another city. “I liked all the security and flexibility it offered,” stated Amy Egan Cook, Office Administrator at DCG, “Boxtop makes managing IT more coherent.” Boxtop provides the necessary security without DCG having to build and manage it themselves.

Boxtop also removes complex servers and desktops from the office and places everything into the cloud, which simplifies IT in the office. The cloud solution provides the necessary security, simplicity, and confidence DCG was looking for.


At the beginning of the pandemic, DCG started working from home using a remote access platform but they quickly realized its limitations. During the early months of the pandemic, DCG migrated seamlessly to Boxtop. “Overall it went well. Tabush Group managed it really well and they were very responsive without having people physically in our office,” stated Cook.

According to Cook, “using Boxtop made working remote seamless. It didn’t matter where we were working from.” Since all applications, data, and files move to the Boxtop private cloud, DCG employees now enjoy the ability to access their work from any location while using any device. Boxtop replicates your Windows PC, which means employees did not have to learn anything new with Boxtop. “People found working remotely easier to manage once we switched to Boxtop.” says Cook.

DCG eliminated their server and all PCs on-site while also putting a reliable business continuity plan in place so the firm would never again have to worry if their offices were not accessible. In addition, Tabush Group built a cloud archive for DCG, providing a seamless method for the firm to store and access their files and data. The firm immediately enjoyed increased flexibility and productivity afforded by Boxtop.

While DCG had initial concerns about working with an IT partner in another city, Boxtop proved to decrease the complexity of DCG’s onsite IT, negating the need for a lot of in-office support. As well, Tabush Group’s support team is accessible to DCG every business day with after-hours and critical support availability. When it is required, Tabush Group can have a person on-site in Boston, as well as most other major U.S. cities.

DCG now has the right security and guidance with Tabush Group. “We were crossing all our Ts and dotting all the Is when it came to security with Boxtop,” stated Cook. “The Boxtop backup system is very reliable and people do not contact me as much for help now that we are fully up and running with Tabush Group.” Previously for DCG, there was always a worry about crashes or a cyberattack, but now they feel secure knowing their data is safe. They also know they have the right support and guidance thanks to regular updates with their Tabush Group client manager, who acts as the firm’s “virtual CTO.”

“I recommend Boxtop because Tabush Group manages everything.” With Boxtop, DCG has achieved flexibility, productivity, and proper security.