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Law Firm Moves to Boxtop to Improve Security, Mobility, and Business Continuity

Hudson Cook is a law firm with approximately 90 people in 12 offices from NY to CA. Headquartered in Hanover, MD, Hudson Cook focuses on state and federal consumer and commercial financial services, banking and privacy compliance, regulation, enforcement, and supervision.

Hudson Cook wanted to leverage cloud to enhance the firm’s security, support mobility, and remove the need for regular infrastructure upgrades. In 2021, Hudson Cook moved to the Boxtop cloud for increased security, mobility, and business continuity.


Hudson Cook had on-premise servers that were due for upgrades. While they had already moved some of their apps to the cloud, they wanted the full benefits that cloud offers.

Andrew Galvin, Network Administrator at Hudson Cook, says security was a chief concern for the firm due to the nature of the firm’s clients and the need to travel and work from home. Everyone would use their laptops to connect to the network via VPN. Galvin says, “our attorneys had to get work done outside the office, but there was always concern around it. We needed a more secure option.” Everyone needed to operate securely from any location seamlessly, in a familiar manner, without impact to productivity.

Hudson Cook also needed a new time and billing system. They weighed the cost to host an on-premise system versus utilizing a hosted environment. Galvin says they preferred a hosted environment, and ultimately, the best solution would be one that leverages cloud. Lastly, the firm’s IT infrastructure and applications were due to be upgraded, as well as their business continuity platform.


Lisa DeLessio, a partner at Hudson Cook was familiar with Tabush Group, having attended a virtual panel hosted by Managing Partner Forum that Morris Tabush, Principal at Tabush Group, participated in.

Rather than invest in costly new servers that needed frequent attention and upgrades, Hudson Cook wanted to leverage cloud, which would also provide enhanced security, mobility, and backup and business continuity. Given these various IT needs, Hudson Cook decided that Boxtop was the best fit for them.


To initiate the onboarding, Tabush Group created a plan of action for Hudson Cook and outlined the details for each step of the migration. Galvin notes that, “Tabush Group managed the process quickly and effectively. Migration went very smoothly with no downtime. We were very happy.”

Boxtop addresses the requirements that Hudson Cook needed in a cloud solution. Gary Booker, Systems Administrator says, “from an IT perspective, having everything in Boxtop’s secure environment allows us to satisfy client requests regarding security issues and make sure we are always compliant.”

Boxtop provides flexibility and mobility to everyone at Hudson Cook. Laura Pfenning, Legal Project Manager at Hudson Cook, says, “the comfort of having the same environment, whether working at home, in the office, or at a client, is huge. It looks like my normal computer desktop. There was nothing new to learn.”

There is no longer a need for Hudson Cook to purchase and upgrade infrastructure and because backup and business continuity are inherent in the Boxtop cloud, the firm no longer needs a separate business continuity platform. Boxtop is also a better environment for each person to work without worrying. “Before Boxtop, things were stored locally and if the computer crashed, you lost everything you had. Now, it is all stored and backed up in the cloud,” says Booker.

“Boxtop gives us the ability to do everything we were looking for,” says Galvin. With Boxtop, Hudson Cook has achieved proper security and compliance, mobility with flexibility, and productivity allowing them to focus on their clients rather than their IT.