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Client Success Story: The Jemstone Group, LLC

Commercial Real Estate Firm Replaces Aging IT Infrastructure with Cloud Solution

The Jemstone Group, LLC, is a commercial real estate company that focuses on the management,            investment, acquisition, and development of retail shopping centers. Jemstone has a main office in Manhattan, but employees often work remotely. Since 2008, Jemstone has relied on Tabush group for the management of its IT.


Since the Jemstone team frequently works remotely, it is essential that employees are able to access their emails, programs and files, as well as manage contracts and leases as seamlessly as if they were in the office.

In 2015, Jemstone’s IT infrastructure was showing signs of aging. Jemstone needed to replace all hardware, including an in-house server and all PCs. The company knew that replacing all hardware would be an expensive, yet temporary, fix.

It became clear that Jemstone’s traditional in-house IT server was not working for the company. Jemstone needed a solution that would replace its traditional IT services and also allow employees to securely access their programs and files when out of the office. The firm’s leadership learned about Tabush Group’s new cloud solution and decided it would be the best solution.


Tabush Group worked with Joseph Jemal, Principal at The Jemstone Group, to implement Boxtop. Boxtop, a desktop-as-a-service cloud solution, includes support and monitoring, so the small company can focus on serving its customers, rather than managing its IT. At Jemstone, Boxtop provides a stable IT infrastructure that allows Jemstone’s employees to securely access their desktop from any connected device.


Jemstone no longer has to worry about its IT being up-to-date and secure because Boxtop replaces the need for a traditional in-house server and PCs. Jemstone was able to simplify its IT by moving it to the cloud and avoid an expensive investment into hardware that would ultimately need replacing again.

As a real estate firm, the Jemstone team must always have access to contracts, leases, and industry specific software, such as Yardi Voyager. Boxtop enables all employees secure access to all of their files and programs from any connected device, regardless of their location.

 “The natural progression for our business is to be outside the office more than in, meeting with clients and visiting sites. Our employees need to be able to work outside the office without disruption, with no difference between what they can do inside versus outside the actual office,” says Joseph Jemal, Principal at The Jemstone Group.