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Client Success Story: Jones Jones

Boxtop Enables NYC Law Firm to Comply with Cybersecurity Regulations

Jones Jones is a leading defense law firm in the insurance industry. Based in downtown NYC, they have roughly 60 employees, 22 of whom are attorneys. Since 1998 the defense firm worked with a small IT company for all of their technical needs. All work at the firm was saved on physical servers with inherent security limitations. As Jones Jones grew over the years their technical needs grew with them. With increased demands for security from clients and a growing need to be able to work remotely, Jones Jones realized a change was necessary. After a recommendation from another client, they began the transition to Boxtop in late spring of 2018, ultimately moving their entire IT to the cloud.


Until moving to Boxtop, Jones Jones had the same IT support in place for roughly 20 years. All applications and data operated on physical and virtual servers. All employees connected to their system through Remote Desktop Services (RDS) when working inside the office or remotely. One of the main issues was the maintenance and support expenses of this environment, as well as the inherent issues of RDS that seemed unsolvable. This setup also had security limitations that were cause for concern among firm management. In addition, one person handled any and all issues that arose. As the infrastructure aged, maintaining the physical servers became increasingly difficult. As well, over the years, the firm grew in size, straining both the infrastructure and resources. It was almost impossible for one person to manage the IT on his own.

Additionally, there was a growing demand for increased security. As an insurance defense firm, Jones Jones is preparing to fully comply with the New York State Department of Financial Service’s recent Cybersecurity Regulations. If Jones Jones did not update its security system, the firm was at risk of losing a number of clients. Making the necessary changes to the system they already had in place would have been expensive and cumbersome. And so, Jones Jones turned to Tabush Group.


Jones Jones met with Tabush Group in late spring 2018 and began the move to Boxtop several months later. “The transition was in one word: smooth,” says Michael Keuning, Operations Manager at Jones Jones, who adds, “There were no real hiccups.” Keuning feels the lead up work was well organized and resulted in an easy transition. He notes that certain parts of the process, like transferring over a second file system, which Jones Jones did not have ownership over, was unavoidably more difficult, but working with Tabush Group made the transition easier. “Tabush Group went the extra mile to ensure everything was taken care of,” he explains.


Jones Jones transitioned seamlessly to Boxtop, immediately enjoying increased flexibility, productivity, and security. One key advantage of Boxtop over RDS that employees loved is that each was assigned his or her own virtual desktop rather than sharing resources in an RDS session. Issues that once impacted multiple or all users no longer did. Plus, inherent RDS performance and printing issues were eliminated with Boxtop. Having this isolation was key to Jones Jones who is concerned with protecting their data and files from viruses and malware. The setup also allows stability when employees need to connect remotely. According to Keuning, “Being able to connect via Boxtop – connect securely– and maintain the connection is huge for us. It leads to more productivity and it makes us more profitable.”

Jones Jones also benefited from the support of Boxtop’s helpdesk. The firm was particularly impressed with Tabush Group’s ability to assist Jones Jones on tickets so quickly. Finally, Boxtop’s security features met all of the requirements of New York’s new DFS regulations, ultimately allowing Jones Jones to retain all of their clients.

With Boxtop’s help, Jones Jones was able to increase employee productivity, improve their security, and comply with necessary cybersecurity regulations. When asked about the benefits of Boxtop overall, Keuning explains “the Boxtop platform just makes sense to us.”