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Law Firm Moves to Boxtop to Improve Security, Mobility, and Business Continuity

Jones Kelleher LLP is a personal injury law firm with approximately 30 employees that has offices in Boston, MA, and Providence, RI. In 2013, the firm moved to the cloud with a prominent IT provider. However, over the course of several years, multiple concerns arose including a lack of communication, security questions, and outdated applications. In 2021, Jones Kelleher migrated to Tabush Group’s desktop as a service (DaaS) cloud platform, Boxtop, for a secure solution to meet their IT needs.


Jones Kelleher knew the benefits of a cloud-based system earlier than most and began working with a prominent IT cloud service provider in 2013. They were initially satisfied with their service, but as time went on, concerns began to mount. Applications became outdated and the provider was slow to update them, triggering security concerns. Jones Kelleher also felt there was a lack of communication, which became frustrating and prompted Jan Adie, Executive Director of Jones Kelleher, to begin looking for an IT partner that was a better fit for the firm.

Jones Kelleher needed a solution with strong cybersecurity measures, as well as a team that handled updates and offered consistent, open communication. After looking at several providers, Adie found a simple, yet intuitive solution, Boxtop, that met all of Jones Kelleher’s IT needs.


Adie was familiar with Boxtop through her involvement with the Boston chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA Boston), where Tabush Group has been an active business partner for several years. “We heard very good things about Boxtop from other Tabush Group clients in ALA,” says Adie. She was even able to informally preview Boxtop from another client before meeting with Tabush Group.

“After we looked at several providers, Boxtop checked the most important boxes and met our requirements,” Adie says. “It was very important for us to have tightened security measures, dual-factor authentication, and an overall more secure platform.” Boxtop also proved to be an effective tool to support the firm’s hybrid work environment. “Tabush Group would be a true IT partner able to provide the support and communication we were lacking with our previous provider,” says Adie. After seeing the major upside Boxtop could provide, the firm made the switch.


Tabush Group created an actionable and detailed onboarding plan to ensure Jones Kelleher’s migration to Boxtop was smooth. “The migration was a really well thought out and well-communicated process,” says Adie. “On Monday morning when we came into the office, we were able to access email and our files, just as we had the week before.” Because Boxtop streams a Windows desktop to each user, there was nothing new to learn. “Boxtop is really easy to use. It’s very seamless,” Adie adds.

“Boxtop is definitely more secure than our previous systems were,” says Adie. The robust security allows the firm to work securely from any location. Adie states, “I love the security of Boxtop because it gives me peace of mind.” Boxtop also supports the firm’s hybrid work environment by providing attorneys and staff with flexibility and mobility to work from wherever they want. "You can go from working in the office to working at home very easily, and your desktop opens just the way you left it,” says Adie. “It’s a really fantastic feature.”

The main impetus for Jones Kelleher to search for a new IT partner was a lack of support and communication from their previous IT partner. With the move to Boxtop, this is no longer an issue. Tabush Group provides proactive maintenance and upgrades, so Jones Kelleher never has to worry about their IT. Every client at Tabush Group has a Client Manager who acts as their virtual CTO, working closely to understand their business needs so the firm can fully leverage their IT. In addition, Tabush Group has a team available by phone to help with both day-to-day IT matters as well as longer-term projects. Adie mentions, “I can always reach out to Tabush Group to discuss any concerns I might have.”

“Overall, we’re very, very pleased.” Boxtop’s security and flexibility allows Jones Kelleher to work productively and focus on their clients. “I know that Tabush Group is going to provide the support
that we need in order to provide stellar service to our own clients,” says Adie.