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CPA Firm Finds Security and Strategic IT Guidance By Choosing Boxtop

Roth & Co, LLP is a Certified Public Accounting firm with more than 40 years of experience.  The firm employs approximately 100 people in 3 offices located in Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Israel.  After being on another cloud platform for several years, but experiencing an array of issues, including a lot of downtime, security fears, and lack of support, the firm sought to ease their IT challenges by choosing Boxtop and Tabush Group for all their IT needs.


For several years, Roth & Co used a Citrix-based cloud platform, but there were multiple impactful outages that were particularly problematic during tax season.  While this cloud platform provided the ability for employees to work outside the office, it also allowed them to work outside the cloud too freely, leading to several major concerns, including IT security and data sprawl.  The firm also experienced poor performance of applications due to integration issues that are common on Citrix-based platforms.

Moreover, as the cloud provider grew, management at Roth & Co found there was a lack of communication and they were generally not getting enough attention and support for their IT needs.  The cloud provider was reactive, rather than proactive, and Roth & Co needed a partner who could provide strategic guidance to move the firm’s IT forward.  In addition, the firm did not have a single point of contact with its IT vendor, so there was nobody who truly understood its business and IT needs.  The support relationship was disjointed and detached. 

Roth & Co reached the decision they needed reliable IT infrastructure with the management, support, and strategic guidance to provide a solid IT foundation for their CPA firm.


Roth & Co was already on a cloud platform so it was important to them to maintain the same access to their data, applications, and files that they were used to. While maintaining this mobility, it was imperative for a new solution to have increased security and accessibility, as well as better day-to-day support and overall maintenance of their cloud.  Roth & Co trialed Boxtop and ultimately decided it was a more secure, dependable cloud solution, and was the right solution for them. 

Tabush Group spearheaded the entire migration, working directly with Roth & Co’s previous provider, ensuring that business and productivity for Roth & Co was not impacted. Tabush Group was “able to get the data and do what they had to do, which didn’t take up much our time,” said Zacharia Waxler, Co-Managing Partner at Roth & Co.


The change over to Boxtop was nearly seamless, taking place overnight and over the weekend.  When employees arrived Monday morning, everything was ready to go with no training necessary since Boxtop is a Windows desktop with all of the same applications the firm was already running.  All of the Windows desktop applications were now able to run seamlessly in the cloud, without the performance issues that occurred with the previous platform.

“There are a lot of advantages that cloud brings, and we already knew about them, so we wanted to be sure we were not losing any of them,” says Waxler.  One of these advantages is ensuring employees have access to files even when working from outside the office.  Boxtop provides this mobility as it offers the same experience to users in the office and out.  Boxtop assigns each user a fixed set of dedicated resources, just like when a PC is assigned to them, making performance much more stable and reliable than other solutions.  Additionally, Boxtop ensures the same level of security to users who are working in the office or remote, which was a great improvement to Roth & Co over their previous Citrix-based environment.

One of the most obvious improvements Roth & Co experienced since the move to Boxtop is the support and responsiveness of the Tabush Group team.  Each Boxtop client is assigned a client manager at Tabush Group who acts as the “virtual CTO,” meeting quarterly to ensure all business needs are met.   In addition, the Tabush Group helpdesk is accessible every business day with after-hours and critical support availability.  Roth & Co is pleased with how responsive Tabush Group has been since migration and Waxler says that, “Overall, we have been having a really great experience with Boxtop.  Tabush Group is our partner now, not merely our IT vendor, helping us execute a comprehensive IT strategy.”

Roth & Co is very happy with the results from Boxtop and “really likes the platform.” Boxtop ensures that Roth & Co does not have to worry about their IT anymore and can, instead, focus on their own business and clients.  As Waxler says, “Boxtop is just working, and that’s all I could ask for!”