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Maryland Law Firm Enjoys Mobility and Enhanced Security with Boxtop

Selzer Gurvitch Rabin Wertheimer & Polott, P.C. is a midsize law firm in Bethesda, MD that focuses on transactional business, real estate, tax, estate planning, and general litigation. Selzer Gurvitch was interested in moving to the cloud for its inherent security but did not want to change their key legal applications, including Worldox and Tabs3.

The firm also needed a better, more secure remote login option to best support the productivity of the firm while working from anywhere. Ultimately, Selzer Gurvitch turned to Tabush Group’s cloud solution, Boxtop, to meet all of their IT needs.


Previously, Selzer Gurvitch could remote into their computers using LogMeIn, but that solution was never intended for long-term or high-volume usage and came with its own set of problems. There were other issues, as well, that became a hindrance to productivity, such as the need to synchronize security protocols across various applications, requiring the user to log in multiple times. It was not feasible to implement hoteling using the traditional network setup. Andrew Polott, Managing Shareholder at Selzer Gurvitch noted that, “the firm’s IT must enable the staff to work from any desk and from any location seamlessly. Every application and all data need to be accessible, secure, and with the same level of performance no matter where the individual works from.”

Selzer Gurvitch began to explore moving every application to the cloud and were particularly focused on being able to keep all of the applications they were already using. Selzer Gurvitch is a client of DoxAdvisors, document management experts and advisors to law firms. John Rock, partner at DoxAdvisors, introduced Polott to Tabush Group. Tabush Group is one of the few IT partners who has experience with applications specific to law firms, like Worldox and Tabs3. Selzer Gurvitch chose to move to the cloud Boxtop.


Tabush Group handled the whole migration process with ease, thanks to a well-documented process. “Tabush Group had a system and methodology that was realistic and able to be delivered on time, relative to the critical path that was laid out,” said Polott. “If Selzer Gurvitch could give out grades, Tabush Group would get an A for getting the network to the point of full capabilities.”


Boxtop provides Selzer Gurvitch full mobility to work from anywhere – whether it be at a workstation in the office, at home, or anywhere else. Boxtop provides the same level of security, regardless of where the user is working, and users can pick up exactly where they previously left off. “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been an early adopter of this technology,” said Polott. “We were fully operational with Boxtop in the fall of 2019, before anyone had heard of COVID, so we were unusually well situated when the pandemic hit.”

Using Boxtop means that attorneys and staff only had to log in to Boxtop to access all the data and applications they were already using, including full versions of Worldox and Tabs3. Everything integrates seamlessly in the Boxtop cloud without the need to log in to different applications separately.

Boxtop moved all of Selzer Gurvitch’s applications and their entire infrastructure to the cloud. The firm realized a cost savings since they no longer had to replace PCs or servers every few years. For Polott, “Boxtop was the ideal solution because “in the world of law firms, change can be a difficult thing at times to embrace, especially around technology. However, the decision was made to go cloud and the results have been positive!”