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CLIENT SUCCESS STORY: Severance, Burko, Spalter, Masone & Laurette PC

Law Firm Eases Their IT Challenges by Choosing Boxtop

Severance, Burko, Spalter, Masone & Laurette PC (SBSML) is a New York-based law firm with approximately 15 employees that represent clients in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security disability claims.  SBSML had an individual supporting their IT, however, the individual failed to meet the firm’s needs and the firm’s technology became unstable.  SBSML knew it was time for a change and gained IT support and eased their IT challenges by choosing Tabush Group for all their technology needs in 2011. 


SBSML had an individual to support their IT who would apply simple fixes to IT issues that would address them for a temporary amount of time, rather than solving the underlying issue.  SBSML lacked the proper support and guidance to ensure their systems ran smoothly.   

SMSML did not have a focus on technology, nor were they investing time and money into it.  When they ran into a major issue and their system crashed, the firm did not know how to proceed and their IT person failed in his attempt to help them, which highlighted his limitations. 

SBSML knew it was time to place a greater focus on their IT.  In addition, as the firm grew and their needs for IT grew, SBSML needed a technology partner whose primary focus is IT.  The firm needed reliable IT infrastructure with the management, support, and strategic guidance to provide solid and dependable IT.   


When their system crashed in 2011, SBSML reached out to their network for recommendations of IT companies.  They were referred to two firms and chose Tabush Group to bring their system back up and running.  From there, Tabush Group worked with SBSML as a Managed Service Provider to ensure the firm could function from a technology perspective as efficiently as possible.  Louis Burko, Partner at SBSML, said, “We realized we had to treat technology as an equal partner in our firm.  We needed a team whose primary training went far beyond a guy who worked with computers.  Tabush Group instilled in me a sense of calm and confidence,” stated Burko. 

In April 2017, Tabush Group suggested that SBSML consider Boxtop, Tabush Group’s private cloud solution, as the firm’s servers were nearing end of life.  SBSML understood technology in a different way now and knew that they had to invest in it to continue being productive and efficient.  “If you cut corners in technology you will pay in the long run,” says Burko.  


When the firm’s entire network went down in 2011, Tabush Group came on board as a Managed Service Provider and got the firm back up and running in two days.  “They got us back on our feet in a way that we would have been in a lot of trouble had Tabush Group not stepped in,” says Burko.  SBSML gained access to the Tabush Group help desk, which is accessible every business day with after-hours and critical support availability.  The firm finally received the right IT support they were looking for to help their firm grow in technology and business.

In April 2017, SBSML migrated to Boxtop, which went very well.  “I don’t even remember it because when there is a problem, you remember it,” says Burko.  “The fundamentals of going to a cloud-based system made perfect sense to me and the way that Boxtop works, made it even easier,” says Burko.  Boxtop took Windows, a system the firm was familiar with, and did not change anything aside from moving everything to the cloud.  “When working in the same environment, it makes the transition very easy because you do not need to learn anything new or train your staff,” states Burko.   

Everything is done in the cloud with Boxtop, meaning SBSML did not have to worry about maintaining, protecting, storing, or updating hardware or servers.  “Every day I go to work, I sign in, and it all just works,” says Burko, “to me in the long hall, given the lifecycles of hardware, that made a lot of sense.” 

Furthermore, SBSML appreciated how Boxtop allowed employees to have access to files, maintain great speed, and experience less downtime even when working from outside the office.  Boxtop gave SBSML mobility, which allowed for increased productivity and efficiency.

The COVID-19 Pandemic 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, companies rushed to shift their offices to working remotely.  Boxtop enabled SBSML to maintain business as usual the entire time.  “Having Boxtop meant we immediately had no problems having staff open up their laptops at home and get right to work.  It was seamless and painless because of Boxtop,” says Burko.