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NYC Merchant Bank Gains Security, Support, and Revitalizes Their IT With Tabush Group

S. H. Hirth & Associates is an international merchant banking and advisory boutique financial firm based in New York City. The firm partnered with Tabush Group in 2023.

Before Partnering with Tabush Group, S. H. Hirth Faced:

  • Significant Cyber Threats: S. H. Hirth felt ill-prepared and vulnerable to cyber threats that are growing more sophisticated and becoming more rampant.
  • Dwindling Support: As their former IT provider rapidly grew in size, S. H. Hirth noticed a significant breakdown in day-to-day support and communication.
  • Inflated IT Costs: High prices above industry standards, combined with an increasing level of dissatisfaction in several areas, prompted S. H. Hirth to seek a new IT partner.

After making the Switch, Tabush Group Provided:

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity: Tabush Group implemented robust cybersecurity measures, fortifying the firm’s cyber resilience.
  • Expertise and Support: From day-to-day issues to strategic projects, Tabush Group’s team of experts partner with S. H. Hirth for all their IT needs.
  • IT Revitalization: Tabush Group streamlined and secured S. H. Hirth’s convoluted IT system inherited from the previous provider, eradicating constant tech issues that hindered productivity.


After years of working with the same managed IT service provider, S. H. Hirth and Associates began experiencing issues. During the pandemic, the IT company’s resources became stretched and their communication became sparse. When they would call for minor IT questions, there was never an immediate response, ultimately impacting S. H. Hirth’s productivity. The firm also believed that their IT provider was charging rates high above industry standards, which was hard to justify when issues emerged. Lack of a proper security protocol left the firm vulnerable and destroyed their confidence in their IT provider. S. H. Hirth began to explore other providers and needed more than a standard IT company; they needed a trusted partner.


One of S. H. Hirth’s colleagues, a client of Tabush Group, made an introduction between the two firms. Subsequent conversations led to a deep understanding of the expert support, strategic partnership, and robust cybersecurity solutions offered by Tabush Group. Renee Boggia, who is responsible for S. H. Hirth’s IT and special projects, says “Everyone felt comfortable and secure with Tabush Group in the initial meetings – it just felt right.” Recognizing the potential benefits and feeling secure with Tabush Group’s expertise in both IT and cybersecurity, S. H. Hirth chose Tabush Group as their new managed IT service provider.


During the onboarding process, Tabush Group uncovered a convoluted system from the previous IT partner, and immediately got to work streamlining and securing S. H. Hirth’s IT infrastructure. “There were unknown overages and redundancies in our system that we were previously unaware of,” Renee recalls. This total overhaul eliminated the constant tech issues that previously plagued the firm. Renee says, “Nobody really has any issues anymore, whereas previously, there was always a list of problems on our agenda.” When minor issues do arise, Tabush Group’s expert support is available to assist. “The professional and attentive service my team receives from Tabush Group’s team has positively impacted our business,” adds Steven Hirth,  Founder & Principal of the firm.

Tabush Group not only resolved their issues but also provided a foundation for a secure and efficient IT environment, crucial for the hybrid nature of S. H. Hirth’s operations. S. H. Hirth now feels confident in their cybersecurity systems and training from Tabush Group.