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Solomon Blum Heymann LLP Achieves Security and Flexibility with Boxtop

Solomon Blum Heymann LLP (SBH) is an international commercial law firm with their main office in New York City. Since 2000, the firm worked with a small IT company for all of their technical needs. Eventually the IT firm was acquired by a larger company, and as time went on, SBH realized they needed an IT partner that would provide them personalized service along with the right security, information, and the latest technology. SBH was introduced to Tabush Group by an IT consultant and transitioned to Boxtop in July 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, ultimately moving their entire IT to the cloud.


SBH began to experience significant problems with their IT provider. Most notably, the law firm was hit by a ransomware attack. While trying to resolve the attack, SBH realized they were not receiving the appropriate advice, attention, and support from their IT provider, who was unable to get SBH promptly up and running again.

It was costly for SBH to maintain their on-premise server. Moreover, due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, SBH had an increased need for remote access so lawyers and staff could maintain their productivity from home. The firm needed a solution that would allow them to have mobility and flexibility. SBH needed an IT partner who could provide reliable support and strategic guidance to ensure dependable and secure IT.


For approximately five years, a long-time IT consultant of SBH had been encouraging them to consider cloud and referred SBH to Tabush Group as a potential new IT partner. Tabush Group introduced Boxtop, its private cloud solution, which would provide a better way for SBH to access their data and files from outside the office. William Blum, Partner at SBH, stated that they chose Boxtop for the “flexibility it offers in terms of working from anywhere.”

The COVID-19 pandemic finally drove SBH to transition to a cloud-based system. “We needed an efficient way to have our staff work remotely,” stated Blum. Boxtop was the right fit because it provides seamless and secure mobility.


“Our firm’s migration to Boxtop was well planned,” stated Blum. Everyone at SBH worked seamlessly on Boxtop the very next day. Due to the lockdown orders of the pandemic, the firm appreciated how there was no need to visit the office until right before the cutover, making it safe for all. “Within a few days, Boxtop was second nature because it looked like the way we were used to seeing everything. The data migration and design of our system was thoroughly duplicated in Boxtop,” says Blum.

Boxtop provides the law firm the ability to log in from any location on any device to access their files, data, and applications. For Blum, like all Boxtop users, it is seamless to work one day from home and the next from the office, picking up exactly where he left off. “I work from two houses and the office and I can log on to Boxtop from anywhere,” states Blum. Additionally, Boxtop ensures the same level of security to users who are working in the office or outside of it by offering enterprise-level encryption, firewalls, and malware protection.

By migrating to the cloud, not only did SBH eliminate the need for servers and other hardware in their office, they also experienced long-term savings. “We can work more efficiently and there are no capital costs now,” states Blum, who would have had to replace the firm’s servers in the next year or so.

Furthermore, SBH achieved the support and guidance they were looking for from Tabush Group because all clients are assigned a client manager at Tabush Group who acts as the “virtual CTO,” meeting regularly to ensure all IT needs are met.

SBH is hopeful of achieving a long-term relationship with Tabush Group that will allow them to maintain confidence in their IT.