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Press Release

Tabush Group Showcases BOXTOP™ Cloud IT Solution for Law Firms at ABA TECHSHOW

New virtual desktop features enhance performance, capacity, and security

New York, NY, and Chicago, IL, March 15, 2017 – Tabush Group, a cloud computing, technology solutions, and IT services company, will showcase its BOXTOP™ all-in-one cloud IT solution for law firms at the ABA TECHSHOW legal conference in Chicago this week.

BOXTOP™ was created by Tabush Group to deliver all of a firm’s IT needs as a simple, secure, and scalable service, allowing managing partners and administrators to focus on growing their firms. BOXTOP™ includes virtual desktops accessible securely from anywhere, on any kind of device, with a fully managed cloud infrastructure network, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support.

“Accessibility and security are vital aspects of a firm’s IT. We’ve combined this with simplicity and service, using the most advanced cloud technology, to create a product that allows firms to focus on billable hours, and not have to worry about the infrastructure and tools needed to make it all happen, let alone the capital expense,” said Morris Tabush, Founder and President of Tabush Group. “As a result, we’ve seen a 30% reduction in support calls from BOXTOP™ clients versus traditional managed services clients.”

To deliver optimal performance, capacity, and security, the team at Tabush Group recently implemented a series of upgrades to the BOXTOP™ platform:

  • New capacity options: 4 GB or 8 GB RAM
  • Additional level of security with 2-factor authentication
  • Increased performance and reliability with addition of new datacenter “supercomputers”
  • Faster internet speeds with “backbone” capacity upgrade of 50%
  • Graphics-intensive virtual desktop option with GPU-integration
  • Implementation of new spam and content security filtering

“Over the years, innovation has been at the cornerstone of everything we do for our clients,” explained Mr. Tabush. “We continuously test new technologies and develop solutions to meet the needs of the way law firms need to function in today’s world.”

During the conference, Mr. Tabush will present a seminar titled Introducing the Law Firm of Tomorrow. Attendees will learn how virtual desktops and cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for complex IT systems, desktops, and servers, or having to worry about downtime and back-ups. His presentation will include a non-technical overview of the latest IT services available to law firms in the cloud, as well as several case studies of firms who’ve gone 100% cloud.

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About Tabush Group


Tabush Group is a leading provider of virtual workspace, private cloud, and managed IT services that specializes in technology solutions for small to midsize businesses in the fields of law, real estate, construction, investment management, and professional services. Our mission is to help organizations succeed through our passion and experience. Building upon that experience, Tabush has developed an all-in-one cloud solution called BOXTOP™, which delivers all of a company’s IT needs as a simple, secure, and scalable service, allowing small business owners to focus on growing their companies. BOXTOP™ includes virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support. Founded in 2000, Tabush is a privately held company headquartered in New York City, with data centers in New York and Washington State. Additional information about Tabush and its services can be found at www.tabush.com, and additional information about BOXTOP™ can be found at www.goboxtop.com.


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