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 Our team is led by technology professionals who ensure we
deliver the best possible experience for our clients and employees.

Morris Tabush - Tabush Group

Morris Tabush

Founder & President

Morris grew up with a love for technology and doing good for others. In 2000, Morris decided to turn what he loves into a business by starting Tabush Group.


Darragh Fitzpatrick - Tabush Group

Darragh Fitzpatrick

Partner / EVP

Darragh joined Tabush Group in 2005. He has over 20 years experience in IT, including working as an IT manager for several firms in London prior to relocating to New York.


Mahmut Sarigedik - Tabush Group

Mahmut Sarigedik


Mahmut joined the Tabush team in 2005. He keeps all of Tabush's systems up and running.


Robert Renzulli - Tabush Group

Robert Renzulli

VP, Technical Services

Rob has been with Tabush Group since 2011. He manages the entire Tabush technical services team and acts as a sort of "air traffic controller," making sure everything gets done in a timely manner.


Meet Our Team

We've assembled a dedicated and passionate team consisting of diverse skill sets.


Rohan Scott

Project Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2004

FUN FACT: Rohan has been at Tabush longer than any other employee: He's an avid runner, and participates in 2-3 marathons a year.


Valerie Tabush

Finance Manager

With Tabush Group since: 2004

FUN FACT: Valerie used to be an elementary school English teacher. She enjoys Broadway shows, seeing several a year, and spending time with her six energetic grandchildren.


M'ten Halsey

Project Manager / Senior Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2005

FUN FACT: M'ten plays and teaches West African drumming. He's also a trained economist and runs an economics speculation group as a side project. In the summer, he enjoys spending time at the beach on the Jersey shore with his wife and two kids.


Alice Labaton

Office Manager

With Tabush Group since: 2007

FUN FACT: In addition to her role at Tabush, Alice is also an entrepreneur, having founded a successful custom engraved makeup brush business. She's trilingual and an avid traveler and foodie.


Eli Sabo

Client Manager

With Tabush Group since: 2010

FUN FACT: Eli is a former volunteer firefighter and EMT, and between home renovations, he enjoys spending time both in the depths of the ocean as a scuba diver and high in the mountains as a snowboarder.


Greg Scalise

Support Technician

With Tabush Group since: 2011

FUN FACT: Greg is a 2nd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He also plays the drums and enjoys jamming with other musicians. And, rumor has it he's quite knowledgeable with sports trivia!


Ariel Acosta

Technical Services Team Lead

With Tabush Group since: 2011

FUN FACT: Ariel runs on average 3 marathons a year, all over the country in different states. And, he's currently training for a half ironman race!

Elliot Tabush

Boxtop Product Manager

With Tabush Group since: 2011

FUN FACT: Elliot trains for and participates in endurance obstacle adventure races. He's also an avid golfer and tennis player, and a newbie yogi.


Ezra Shiram

Network Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2012

FUN FACT: Ezra is a big sports fan - his favorite teams are the Knicks, Yankees, and Giants. He plays a variety of sports, and also recently picked up running.


Jerry Lo

Field Service Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2014

FUN FACT: Jerry is a self-professed video game champion. He also enjoys hiking and fitness.


Brian Choong

Assistant Client Manager

With Tabush Group since: 2014

FUN FACT: Brian is a self-admitted TV junkie and enjoys playing video games. He's also a weight-lifter and spends weekends at the gym.


Jessica Morrissey

Project Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2015

FUN FACT: Jessica was the National Mini Golf Champion from 2001-2003! Rumor has it she also once knew how to perform the "Thriller" dance on roller skates.

Eugene Grutman - Tabush Group - Data Center Administrator

Eugene Grutman

Data Center Administrator

With Tabush Group since: 2015

FUN FACT: Eugene enjoys reading and is fluent in Russian!

Sarah Cundiff - Tabush Group - Director of Marketing & Communications

Sarah Cundiff

Director of Marketing & Communications

With Tabush Group since: 2015

FUN FACT: Sarah is an avid skier. She's also active as a community volunteer with the New York Junior League and is passionate about mentoring the next generation. She's lived on 3 continents and is fluent in French!

Rudy Bunguri - Tabush Group - Desktop Engineer

Rudy Bunguri

Desktop Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2015

FUN FACT: Rudy loves outdoors sports, including playing tennis, swimming, and skiing. He's also a big reader!

Brian Lee - Tabush Group

Brian Lee


With Tabush Group since: 2015

FUN FACT: Between working at Tabush and finishing up a degree in actuarial mathematics at Baruch College, Brian enjoys biking around New York City and playing basketball.

Joshua Blieden

Support Technician

With Tabush Group since: 2016

FUN FACT: Joshua is an avid tech enthusiast and builds computers for fun. He also has a vast amount of knowledge in the car industry working with cars since he was a child.

Jhonsel Mateo - Tabush Group - Desktop Engineer

Jhonsel Mateo

Desktop Engineer

With Tabush Group since: 2016

FUN FACT: While he was obtaining his associates degree in computer networking, Jhonsel built a Bitcoin mining machine! He enjoys working on side projects related to IT in his free time, including designing websites. Jhonsel is fluent in Spanish and coversational in Portuguese.

Meet Our Team