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Client Success Story: Kelman, Winston & Vallone

Workers Compensation Law Firm Goes Cloud

Kelman, Winston & Vallone P.C., (KW&V) a law firm specializing in workers compensation law, is located in NYC and employs 15 people. The firm had a traditional office setup, where every employee had a desktop. The firm had an in-house server managed by a solo IT consultant and third parties. In late 2017, KW&V chose Tabush Group for the support and management of its IT.


KW&V maintained desktops for every employee but the software programs were becoming outdated. What’s more, their hardware and infrastructure were aging out.  With so much needing to be updated or replaced, updating their IT was looking to be a costly endeavor. 

One of the most important considerations for KW&V is that they use a custom practice management application and did not want to change. Additionally, KW&V employees needed remote access to their desktops. Since attorneys are in court a few days a week, they need to be able to access their files and information on-location with the same seamless experience they get at the office.

KW&V initially outsourced the firm’s IT to a software vendor before hiring an IT consultant. But, with a growing number of clients, the firm needed an IT service provider that could support and grow its IT systems on a more frequent and consistent basis, and they needed an immediate solution. 

KW&V’s leadership learned about Tabush Group’s cloud solution, Boxtop, when the product was still in its infancy. Tabush Group remained in contact with KW&V and in late 2017, the law firm decided that Boxtop was the best solution for them.


Tabush Group worked with Patrick Vallone, Managing Partner at Kelman, Winston & Vallone, to implement Boxtop. Boxtop moves the firm’s IT to the cloud, ensuring security and business continuity for the firm, while also allowing employees remote access to all of their files.  Boxtop eliminates the need for servers and PCs, enabling KW&V to eliminate all outdated hardware without needing to replace it.  Tabush Group would handle all of the software updates remotely, so KW&V would not have to worry about using outdated software any longer.


Tabush Group transitioned KW&V to Boxtop, ensuring their operations were never interrupted. When Boxtop was fully implemented, the onboarding process for KW&V took about one day and was thoroughly supported by Tabush Group’s helpdesk. “The nice part was that the cutover occurred after hours and when we logged in the next day, we were running and operational in what was a seamless experience,” says Vallone. The firm cutover to Boxtop in the nick of time, as the next morning their Internet service provider was down leaving, the company with no internet connection. Luckily, all employees had MiFi devices and were able to log in to Boxtop via their Wi-Fi hotspots resulting in no downtime for the firm.

By switching to Boxtop, the company was able to eliminate all outdated hardware and PCs and move its IT to the cloud. Now KW&V employees have remote access to all files and applications from any internet connected device. Tabush Group migrated the firm's custom practice management application to Boxtop, allowing KW&V to maintain use of their proprietary system. With the implementation of Boxtop, Tabush Group also transitioned KW&V from their third-party email system to Outlook 365, a more efficient platform that syncs across all devices.

In the months ahead, KW&V is moving the office to a new location. Since Boxtop is a cloud solution, the firm does not have to worry about moving its infrastructure and experiencing IT disruptions. With Boxtop, the firm can move its office knowing that its IT services will not be an issue. “There’s a lot of mobility with Boxtop. I feel more confident going in to the move because I know my IT will not be a problem. I have peace of mind knowing that relocating my office will be a smooth transition for our team,” says Vallone.