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Client Success Story: Winick Realty Group

Prominent Retail Leasing Firm Adopts Boxtop

Winick Realty Group, a prominent retail real estate brokerage firm, has more than 60 employees in its NYC headquarters.  The company had its own in-house IT hardware infrastructure with a traditional office setup, whereby each employee was assigned a desk and PC. Since 2007, Winick relied on Tabush Group for the management and support of their IT, including infrastructure, email, critical applications, monitoring, and connectivity.


Winick continuously seeks to grow by running a new agent training program.  There are typically four to six agents training for a period of six to nine months.  This is complicated from an operational standpoint because trainees frequently have to change desks and Winick has to coordinate moving computers.

In 2015, Winick added a new investment sales division.  With it came a greater need for agents to be out of the office and “walk the streets” to gain insights into neighborhoods and potential new listings.  After all, the faster an agent can get information on a new property, the faster it can be shown and, ultimately, leased.

Both of these situations highlighted that the traditional office environment with permanent desk spaces was no longer working for Winick.  Winick needed a solution that would enable their growth while also providing agents a secure way to access their programs and files when out of the office.


Tabush Group worked with Louis Eisinger, Chief Operating Officer of Winick Realty Group, to initially implement Boxtop for the investment sales division, as well as for the new agent training program.  Boxtop simplifies a company’s IT by moving it to the cloud, freeing up the company to focus on its growth and serve its customers.  At Winick, Boxtop provides agents secure access to their desktop, including all programs and data, from any connected device.


In the retail leasing industry, quick and easy access to vital information is a competitive edge. With Boxtop, Winick employees securely access their desktop from any device, even when they are in the field or traveling between sites.

“Now with Boxtop, whenever our agents work outside of the office, they now have access to information just as quickly as they could if they were actually in the office," said Eisinger. “They all really like the versatility it provides them – no matter whether they use a Mac or PC at home, or an iPhone or Android phone, they can easily access everything through Boxtop.”

Winick was also able to eliminate much of its IT infrastructure. “Having Boxtop means not having to worry about an in-house server being down due to a power outage,” said Eisinger. “I see all of our employees eventually migrating to Boxtop, and really the whole industry moving this way. When it is in the cloud, I know there’s nothing to worry about.”

By the end of 2015, 12 employees at Winick were using Boxtop.  For both agents and trainees, there is no need to have a permanent desk space in the office, and with Boxtop, everyone easily rotates desks depending on who is in the office. This also eliminates the time-consuming process of moving employees between work stations and frees employees to focus on more important tasks. Boxtop proved to be so successful that within two years, Winick more than doubled the number of users on Boxtop with plans to expand its firm-wide later in 2018.