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You and your employees aren't tied to a desk. With Boxtop, just log in and work – from anywhere, any time, on any device. It's that simple. Your applications and data are completely safe and secure in our cloud infrastructure. Log in to your virtual desktop and pick up right where you left off.



Easily add new users to your organization's Boxtop system, regardless of their geography, as your business grows. New employees get up and running in minutes on their own personalized virtual desktop. Boxtop supports hundreds of popular business applications with quick deployment and seamless upgrades.



Boxtop is built with enterprise-level encryption, firewalls, content filtering, and malware protection to keep all of your data safe and secure. Everything from the data to the desktops, security to servers, and programs to phones are regularly backed up and protected in our world-class data centers. Our engineers constantly monitor the system and test backups.

Boxtop is device agnostic, enabling you to connect via your iPhone, Android phone, or any laptop or PC using the Boxtop app. Access your virtual desktop and all of your applications from a thin client hardware that sits at your office desk. Pick up where you left off on any device, assured that your data always stays secure.


The Boxtop onboarding process is specifically designed to be adaptive to the needs of your business and your timeline. Your company is assigned a client manager who is with your team through the entire migration process, ensuring a smooth transition from your old systems to your new all-in-one Boxtop cloud infrastructure and virtual personalized desktops for your entire team.


What happens to all of your old hardware after migrating to Boxtop?

We'll arrange for the disposal of your old PCs and servers with one of our charity donation and recycling partners.


I see all of our employees eventually migrating to Boxtop™, and really the whole industry moving this way. When it's in the Cloud, I know there's nothing to worry about.

Louis Eisinger
Chief Operating Officer
Winick Realty Group

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Boxtop was founded by Tabush Group, which was founded in 2000 and has grown into one of the leading providers of IT services and cloud solutions for small to midsize businesses. With a passion for technology and making people happy, our mission has always been to provide outstanding service to our clients. We love what we do, and always strive to keep doing better.

As a result of years of experience serving hundreds of small businesses and learning their business technology needs, and after helping so many organizations tackle hardware issues, data loss, outages, upgrades, security, backups, etc., we thought there had to be a better and simpler way so that business owners don't have to think about their IT.

And, thus, through our extensive experience as an IT services company, in 2013, we started developing Boxtop, with the ultimate goal that employees of small businesses should be able to login from anywhere and access whatever they need, securely, from any device. We developed a full end-to-end solution that includes not only desktops in the cloud, but all of the ancillary pieces that are vital to any small business. It simplifies everything so that businesses don't have to manage dozens of cloud vendors and try to get them to integrate with each other. Users can be productive from anywhere without the headaches of dealing with servers, remote access solutions, desktops, hard drive crashes, malware, etc.


Boxtop is a complete cloud-based technology package for your small business that includes not only all of your applications, data, and personalized virtual desktops, but also dedicated service and unlimited tech support. But, it's so easy to use and removes so many of the traditional IT headaches, that we've found our clients using Boxtop make 70% less requests to our help desk than those with traditional on-premise IT infrastructures and hardware.