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How to Protect You and Your Business from the Latest Wave of Email Scams

Phishing emails (emails which appear to be from a legitimate sender, asking for personal or financial information) have been around for many years. However, in the last few months we’ve seen a big rise in spear phishing (scam email specifically targeting a company or person) and ransomware (viruses which encrypt files on your computer and network, and demand a ransom payment to have the files unlocked). These threats are very real for anyone using email.

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Safe Internet Browsing - Best Practices

The Internet is a dangerous place. Unfortunately, due to the lack of central control and ownership, and the fact that the Internet is accessible from anywhere in the world, including many countries without proper law enforcement, there are many fraudulent traps out there looking to steal people’s personal information and money.

While having proper antivirus and anti-malware software is important, it’s also important to always follow safe browsing practices to ensure your data stays private.

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Cybersecurity Concerns for Small Businesses


Cyberattack = an attempt by hackers to
damage or destroy a computer network or system


Due to several highly publicized data breaches at well-known large brands, cybersecurity has been a hot topic in both tech and main stream media recently. Just because the topic of data protection is currently at the forefront of news reports, it’s important to be aware that it’s in fact always a relevant and important topic. Additionally, it’s just as important for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as it is for large corporations. A lack of security in your IT infrastructure can lead to an interruption in the ability of your team and business to function.The New York Times recently profiled several small businesses whose operations were put in jeopardy because of cyberattacks.

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CryptoLocker: A Firsthand Experience

The big IT news lately has been about the Heartbleed SSL vulnerability, however, malware and viruses still are the most prominent threat to small to medium sized businesses.

CryptoLocker, which surfaced in late 2013, is still out there, and its destructiveness hasn’t dwindled. CryptoLocker is malware which encrypts all files it finds on a computer or network, rendering them inaccessible.

Last month we were called in by a business which had been ‘hit’ with this CryptoLocker virus and want to share with you how we battled it.

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The Real Truth About Computer Viruses

There are many myths regarding computer viruses and most of them revolve around Malware. Those of us who use computers on a daily basis are familiar with the concepts associated with Malware, but may not be sure what’s really true and what’s not. Myth or no, it’s in your best interest to learn about computer viruses and what you should do to protect yourself against them.

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