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Clients expect high-value service from their law firms. They want their attorneys to be accessible, to understand their needs, and to solve their problems, expertly and quickly. Clients also expect that their law firm will keep their privileged information confidential and safe. 

To meet these client expectations and remain competitive, law firms need an IT solution that allows them to be highly productive and efficient, while ensuring the security of client data. As law firms increasingly adopt flexible and hybrid workplaces, their IT must function optimally and securely not only inside the office, but wherever their attorneys and staff are working. 

DaaS Is a Growing Solution 

More law firms are adopting Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to help them meet their productivity and security goals. Globally, DaaS is expected to grow 253% from 2021 to 2024, according to research firm Gartner. DaaS securely delivers desktops and applications from the cloud to any device. Users access their Windows desktops from the cloud, and their virtual desktop looks and operates in the exact same way as a PC. 

Our DaaS Solution

Tabush Group has been partnering with small to midsize law firms for more than 20 years. Through this, we gained a deep understanding of the legal industry, which led us to design and build Boxtop, an innovative DaaS cloud solution, specifically for small and midsize law firms. Boxtop offers many benefits for your law firm. 

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With Boxtop, your attorneys and staff work in their familiar, customized Windows desktop, which looks and operates in the exact same way as a PC. Your team has access to all the same applications, files, and network drives as they did before, so there is nothing new to learn.

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Each user’s virtual desktop can be streamed to any device, so attorneys and staff can log in from anywhere and access all their applications and files. Boxtop allows users to log on in one location and pick up exactly where they left off from another location, without worrying that they left the revised version on their other computer, that a file is not opening on their home computer, or that they forgot to hit save. Everyday headaches like these are a thing of the past thanks to Boxtop.

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Boxtop is built with enterprise-level encryption, firewalls, and malware protection, and it is monitored 24x7x365. Regardless of where you are working or what device you are using, you are always securely accessing your applications and data when using Boxtop. All desktop-to-server communications take place within our secure cloud, allowing for security that stretches beyond your firm’s walls. Everything is regularly backed up and protected.

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Boxtop is always available when you need it. With 99.99% uptime, Boxtop will never interfere with your attorneys’ and staff members’ ability to work productively.

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Boxtop allows your firm to quickly scale up or down as needed. Employees can easily be added or removed from the system, eliminating the need for costly and cumbersome hardware installations.

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Backup and Business Continuity

Boxtop resides in multiple top-tier data center facilities with geographical redundancy. This means we replicate your data and store the backup in separate locations. Multiple redundancies ensure our systems remain online and your data remains accessible. In the event your firm’s offices are inaccessible due to a natural disaster or any other reason, your team can continue to log in remotely.

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Centralized, Proactive Management

Tabush Group proactively handles updates, backups, and support, ensuring your team is always secure and using the latest version available. You do not have to purchase and maintain your own business continuity system or hire IT staff to handle these tasks.

When you partner with Tabush Group, we worry about your IT so you can worry about serving your clients. To learn more about how Boxtop can help your firm, contact us. 

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We've been partnering with law firms for more than 20 years. helping our clients tackle their IT needs and grow their businesses.



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