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Press Release

Tabush Group Successfully Launches New All-in-One Cloud IT Solution for Small Businesses

Boxtop™ includes virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, data storage, backups, security, dedicated service, and unlimited support

New York, NY, April 11, 2016 – Tabush Group, a leading cloud computing, technology solutions, and IT services company, announced today that it has successfully launched a new simple all-in-one virtual workspace cloud IT solution for the small business market. Boxtop™ delivers all of an organization’s information technology needs as a simple, scalable, and secure service, allowing business owners to focus on growing their companies.

Boxtop by Tabush Group - Services Meets Cloud


Boxtop™ simplifies everything so that businesses don’t have to manage dozens of cloud vendors and try to get them to integrate with each other. Users can be productive from anywhere without the headaches of dealing with servers, remote access solutions, desktops, hard drive crashes, malware, etc. It includes virtual desktops for each user, a complete cloud infrastructure, storage, backups, security, fully dedicated client service, and unlimited technical support. Priced as a ‘workspace-as-a-service,’ Boxtop™ is also cost-effective for small businesses, turning IT into a monthly, scalable operational expense, instead of a capital expense.

“I founded the company back in 2000 as a managed service provider, and over the years we’ve helped many organizations tackle hardware issues, data loss, outages, upgrades, security, backups, etc.,” said Morris Tabush, Founder & President of Tabush Group. “As a result of extensive experience serving the IT needs of hundreds of small businesses, we discovered there was really a need for a better and simpler way for business owners to not have to worry or think about IT.”

In 2013, a small product team at Tabush started working on the concept for Boxtop™, developing a full end-to-end solution that includes not only desktops in the cloud, but all of the ancillary pieces that are vital to any small business. Using a familiar and personalized Windows desktop interface accessible from any internet connected screen, Boxtop™ is hardware-agnostic. It enables employees to login and work securely from anywhere, from any device, at any time, providing employees with all of their organization’s data and enterprise applications all together in the cloud. The system supports hundreds of popular business applications, with quick deployment and seamless software upgrades. Built-in encryption, firewalls, content filtering, and malware protection keep all of a company’s systems safe and secure.

“We ourselves started using Boxtop™ in 2014, and by the middle of 2015, we started reaching out to several existing clients to beta test the service. As of April 2016, we’re proud to say that there are now over a dozen small businesses successfully on Boxtop™ - and we’re now ready to expand the service to hundreds of more organizations, across legal, financial, real estate, and other professional service industries,” said Darragh Fitzpatrick, Executive Vice-President / Partner at Tabush Group.


Client Success Stories & Quotes

The Jemstone Group, LLC, a small commercial real estate company that focuses on the management, investment, acquisition, and development of retail shopping centers, decided to replace its aging IT infrastructure with Boxtop™. “Our employees need to be able to work outside the office without disruption, with no difference between what they can do inside versus outside the physical office. We wanted to be able to easily access everything as if we were at our desks, without having to deal with multiple platforms,” said Joseph Jemal, Principal at The Jemstone Group, LLC. Read the full story at http://www.tabush.com/client-success-stories/jemstone.

Goldberg & Rimberg, PLLC, a bi-coastal law firm, eliminated IT sprawl and became 100% cloud with Boxtop™. “Boxtop™ feels just like a PC, but with easy access to everything from everywhere at any time. We don’t have to worry about unexpected hardware upgrade costs, backups, or downtime. Boxtop™ is an ideal IT solution for a small law firm,” said Robert L. Rimberg, Managing Partner at Goldberg & Rimberg, PLLC. Read the full story at www.tabush.com/client-success-stories/goldberg-and-rimberg.

Boxtop™ helps Winick Retail Group, one of New York City’s most prominent real estate retail leasing firms, scale its team and enable a mobile workforce. “I see all of our employees eventually migrating to Boxtop™, and really the whole industry moving this way. When it’s in the cloud, I know there’s nothing to worry about,” said Louis Eisinger, Chief Operating Officer at Winick Realty Group. Read the full story at www.tabush.com/client-success-stories/winick-realty-group.

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About Tabush Group

Tabush Group is a leading provider of virtual workspace, private cloud, and managed IT services that specializes in technology solutions for small to midsize businesses in the fields of law, real estate, construction, investment management, and professional services. Our mission is to help organizations succeed through our passion and experience. Building upon that experience, Tabush has developed an all-in-one cloud solution called Boxtop™, which delivers all of a company’s IT needs as a simple, secure, and scalable service, allowing small business owners to focus on growing their companies. Boxtop™ includes virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support. Founded in 2000, Tabush is a privately held company headquartered in New York City, with data centers located in New York, Ohio, and Washington State. Additional information about Tabush and its services can be found at www.tabush.com, and additional information about Boxtop™ can be found at www.goboxtop.com.


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