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Is the Cloud Right For Your Business?

The cloud continues to gain momentum with businesses across the country and many are reviewing how cloud services help lower operating costs, increase efficiencies and enhance corporate communications.

The right cloud technologies will help a business achieve a decrease in operating expenses related to IT support while providing small to midsize businesses with enterprise-grade solutions once only affordable to large companies.

In addition to immediate cost savings, businesses will also stay up to date with applications automatically without the costs related to purchasing new hardware every three to five years and investing in new software packages. Multi-tenant, shared cloud services provide a small to medium business with the latest technologies while paying a monthly fee or subscription to access the services.

Shared services may be acceptable to a smaller business however many companies are concerned about the security risks associated with moving company data to the cloud. These security concerns need to be addressed allowing small business owners to rest easy knowing their data is safe and secure.

Many of the leading cloud services companies have taken security very seriously and all the top cloud providers offer security measures that go much deeper compared to the days when businesses had inexpensive network routers or low end firewalls securing networks.

Is the cloud right for your business? This is a very important question and a question our experienced cloud consultants can help answer.

Can we help you figure out what cloud services are right for your business? Is it Microsoft Office365 or Google Apps? Is it a blend of onsite and cloud services? Or do you need your own private cloud? Our cloud consultants will help you, call us today to book a meeting.

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