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2015: A Look Back

Tabush_Group_history_milestones_timeline.jpgAs cliché as it may be, I can’t believe that we’re only a few days away from the conclusion of 2015. Each December at our annual company holiday party, I get the privilege of delivering the ‘State of the Company’ speech. In 2014, I focused on how we love what we do, and because we love it, our focus has always been on doing it better, and growth has merely been a byproduct. In this year’s speech, I reminisced about how and why I founded the company in 2000 from my college dorm room, and how it has and continues to be an amazing journey of building, learning, and growing. 2015 was no exception to that.

The Stats

Our project team completed a record number of IT infrastructure projects for our clients in 2015, including 8 relocations and new site setups. We added a record number of clients during the year, but did so very carefully, ensuring they were the right clients for us. Our long-time investment in R&D continued to be a win-win for our clients and our team: I’m proud to share that support tickets per-endpoint were down 17% for the year! Our focus on security also continued to prove effective, with the number of malware and virus-related tickets down 14% from the previous year. Average response times remained extremely low, averaging 5 minutes for our clients’ critical IT issues (to put this in perspective: the FDNY’s average ambulance response time to a 911 call is about 7 minutes – we like when we can be on par with them!).

Boxtop Goes Live

Back in 2013, we began development of Boxtop, our new workspace-as-a-service solution that incorporates virtual desktops, cloud infrastructure, backups, security, and unlimited support, all as a worry-free subscription service. By late 2014, several of our employees started using Boxtop as beta users, and in March 2015 we started soft-launching it to clients. So far this year, we’ve on-boarded 9 companies to Boxtop. In early 2016, we will be ramping up for a public launch of Boxtop, offering the solution on a wider scale. Stay tuned!

Team Growth

To support our growth and maintain our service level to clients, we added 4 new employees during 2015 to our technical services and support team. We also added 1 new employee to our network operations and datacenter team to help maintain our growing datacenter and cloud presence, which includes all of the systems powering Boxtop. Elliot Tabush was promoted to Boxtop Product Manager, responsible not only for all front-end details of Boxtop but also to ensure our clients’ success with the service. And, Sarah Cundiff joined our team to lead our marketing and communications efforts and help define our brand.


As the year comes to a close, we’re keeping busy finishing client projects and performing capacity upgrades to our cloud datacenters to be ready for the upcoming Boxtop demand. We’ve also been quite busy enjoying all the holiday candy and chocolates that our awesome clients and partners keep sending our way! In between all the snacks, we’re taking a few moments to reflect back on our accomplishments, and, more importantly, to look back at what we’ve learned and how we can be even better in 2016. We like to believe that our biggest competitor is ourselves… a year ago.

Thank You

Thank you first and foremost to our outstanding staff, including our service engineers, client managers, and leadership team. And, of course, thank you to our clients, for putting their confidence in us and giving us the ability to prove ourselves to them day after day with every challenge that arises.

Wishing everyone a happy, prosperous, and healthy new year! Here’s to 2016!

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