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When Working Remote (Occasionally) Becomes Work from Anywhere (All the Time!)

As we all know, the pandemic amplified the need for people to be able work from home. But people must also work from home in the same way they can work in the office. In other words, people need to be able to access all of their files and the same applications that they use in the office. Their applications must not lose functionality and cannot work slower or inefficiently. So what is a firm to do?

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Changing the IT Landscape: The Benefits of Boxtop Explained

In this video, John Rock, Partner at DoxAdvisors, sat down with our own Darragh Fitzpatrick to discuss his whitepaper, What's Netflix Got To Do With It? They also cover several topics including cloud-based IT services, the end of working "remotely" and the transition to "mobility," and much more.

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Benefits of moving your entire desktop, not just applications (such as QuickBooks), to the cloud

We often have discussions with our clients about moving to the cloud. As time moves on and technology continues to progress, moving to the cloud has moved from becoming a question of “if” to a question of “when.” Cloud makes more and more sense each day.

Intuit’s QuickBooks is one of the most common applications we’re asked about moving to the cloud. It’s a very popular accounting program for small businesses, and, as companies are operating beyond the physical walls of their office, they find a strong need to provide remote access to their QuickBooks data, either to outside accountants or bookkeeping services, or to employees. While Intuit does have a web-based product called “QuickBooks Online”, most businesses and CPAs prefer to stick with QuickBooks Desktop for the functionality, interface, and flexibility it offers.

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Private vs. Public Cloud: Which is Best for Hosting Virtual Desktops?

Virtual desktops are the big thing for businesses these days. Over the past few years, virtual desktops (also known as VDI, Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS, and hosted desktops) have proven to be a more secure, stable, and scalable option than the traditional desktop and server model for small businesses, and most importantly, technology finally exists to deliver the right performance at the right price.

If your company isn't already using virtual desktops, instead of looking at a server upgrade or refresh of your desktop computers, consider virtual desktops as the next step to take for your company’s IT infrastructure. In the process, be sure to consider whether you should have your virtual desktops hosted in a private or a public cloud.

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Four of the Most Common Types of Server Virtualization

As far as information technology goes, the data storage industry has become one of the most dynamic sectors today. Businesses depend on information and data, which must be stored securely to ensure that it’s safe and accessible at all times, from anywhere.

Technology can be expensive to purchase, as well as maintain. Although computer devices and technology are critical investments for any business, many of them just can’t afford to upgrade or replace hardware or software as needed. What’s the best solution for these businesses? Virtualization.

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