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Nandita Baheti

Recent Posts by Nandita Baheti:

Employee Recognition and Building a Culture of Appreciation at Tabush Group

Employee recognition is crucial for building a culture of appreciation within an organization. Recognizing employees' efforts and achievements boosts morale and motivates them to perform their best. It fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees, leading to increased job satisfaction, higher retention rates, and better overall engagement.  According to Nectar HR, 83.6% of employees say their motivation to succeed is directly influenced by recognition. At Tabush Group, we strive to recognize every member of our team and foster a culture of appreciation.

Quarantine Profiles - Thank You

We started Quarantine Profiles to highlight some of our staff members during the COVID-19 pandemic to get an inside scoop of their lives in quarantine.  Now, as we are starting to head back into the office, we here at Tabush Group want to give a huge thank you to our amazing team.  We are excited to share this video which showcases our staff members. 

Quarantine Profile - Rudenc Bunguri

Desktop Division Lead, Rudenc (Rudy) Bunguri, is featured as our next Quarantine Profile.  New cooking skills became Rudy's unexpected discovery while staying at home.  Read more about what Rudy has been doing during quarantine here. 

Quarantine Profile - Albert Vilar

Director of Operations, Albert Vilar, is featured as our next Quarantine Profile.  Once quarantine is over, Albert plans on taking a flight to Spain to introduce his new born baby to his family.  Read what it has been like for Albert becoming a new father during quarantine here

Quarantine Profile - Francis Nunez

Our next Quarantine Profile features Francis Nunez, Desktop Technician.  Francis enjoys cooking and has stocked up on baking supplies during lockdown.  Read what other things Francis wishes he stocked up on during quarantine here

Quarantine Profile - Alice Labaton

Alice Labaton, Business Manager, is featured as our next Quarantine Profile. Many people have been spending quarantine stocking up on their favorite snacks.  Alice's favorite go-to working-from-home snack has been dark chocolate.  Learn more about what Alice's quarantine experience here

Quarantine Profile - Ronald Chu

Ronald Chu, Desktop Technician, is featured as our next Quarantine Profile.  Ron has discovered that home cooked meals are 100% more rewarding and has been spending a lot more time in the kitchen lately.  Read more about Ron's quarantine experience here

Quarantine Profile - Mahmut Sarigedik

Our next Quarantine Profile is on Mahmut Sarigedik, our Chief Technology Officer.  Mahmut had an unexpected revalation during quarantine and discovered that, "you are more capable of doing a lot of things than you can imagine, especially in the kitchen."  Learn more about what Mahmut has been up to since working from home during quarantine here

Quarantine Profile - Deborah Kaplan

Deborah Kaplan, Marketing Director, is featured as our second Quarantine Profile.  Get to know Deborah here and see what she has been up to during this time of quarantine.