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From the Desk of Morris Tabush: See His Home Office Recommendations

Eight months after companies took the proactive step to transition to working from home, many people still have a temporary setup at home and are learning how to adapt to this new reality and lifestyle.  I received many questions about how to make a more comfortable work from home environment to ensure productivity.  Below is my personal work from home recommendations. As you'll see, I'm a big Logitech fan!

Desk. Depending on your workspace, I found this one to be inexpensive, easy to assemble, and much sturdier than a folding table.

Laptop Stand. Using a laptop on a desk for extended periods of time was straining my neck and getting uncomfortable. This laptop stand made things much more comfortable.

Chair. Kitchen chairs and folding chairs are not meant for a full day of sitting (as I learned the hard way). This is a much more comfortable alternative and well worth $80.

Keyboard and Mouse. Nothing’s as good as a full-sized keyboard and a real mouse. Logitech makes a bunch of good options, including the MK545.

Desk Lamp. The lighting in my workspace wasn’t great, this LED lamp, which is dimmable and adjustable, helps a lot.

USB Hub. My laptop has a USB-C connector so I got this one, which literally has more ports than I can ever imagine using. If you don’t have USB-C, try this USB 3.0 hub.

Surge Protector. A basic one (literally) because one can never have too many power outlets or USB charging ports!

Monitor. Of course I use a 24” second monitor in addition to my laptop. Almost any monitor will do.

Webcam. Logitech’s C270 and C310 are my favorites – inexpensive and much better picture quality than most cameras built into laptops. Sometimes hard to find in stock, but they avoid the fisheye effect that many no-name knockoffs have.

Headset. I’ve found the Logitech H340 to have great audio quality and be super comfortable for long video meetings or calls. A headset boom mic means others will hear you so much clearer than any built-in mic. If you need something that also blocks out background noise, check out Logitech’s H540.