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Legal Software Platform Attacked

Legal case management software platform, TrialWorks, was hit by a ransomware attack in mid-October.  Some of the company’s customers were unable to access their case management accounts for a couple of days!  This is a reputable company that is widely used, and this attack brought the law firms’ productivity to a halt when they could not access client data, case notes, communications, billing, and more.

While it’s unknown exactly what malware infected the software, experts are presuming that the firm paid the ransomware to obtain the decryption keys and restore files.  Within days, TrialWorks announced that it hired several cybersecurity firms to investigate the incident and help restore normal operations.

How Do You Protect Yourself?

This timely example of a popular legal software platform that was impacted by ransomware serves to reinforce the importance of making decisions to protect not one or a few of your applications, but your entire IT.

Boxtop moves all of your IT – desktops, servers, applications, and files – to our private cloud.  Boxtop is built with enterprise-level encryption, firewalls, and malware protection.  By placing all of your IT, including applications like TrialWorks, in our cloud, everything benefits from enhanced security because everyone is always accessing applications from the same secure desktop.

For maximum effective security, every endpoint must be protected so that even if a device falls into the wrong hands, your data and files are always secure.  When your IT is in the Boxtop cloud, every device that accesses your network benefits from our enhanced security.  Plus, our 24x7x365 monitoring continuously scans your firm’s connections to ensure that any vulnerabilities are addressed before they ever touch your systems. 

We know that cybersecurity can feel complex and confusing, especially when there are new threats that arise all the time.  It’s a full-time job to choose the right protection for your firm, maintain the updates, monitor the evolving threat landscape, and adjust your protection as needed.  This is why it makes sense for small and midsize law firms to partner with an expert in IT and cybersecurity.

At Tabush Group, we’ve helped many firms understand their options, make the right decisions, and see those decisions through to completion. View of demo of Boxtop now.