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Top 5 Reasons CPA Firms are Moving Their Desktops to the Cloud

Today's world is interconnected and professionals often have a need to never be far from their clients.  This is especially true for CPAs who require constant access to their work, especially during tax season, to best serve their clients. With this increased need for accessibility comes greater security concerns.  One solution that has emerged for CPA firms to address these, and other needs, is cloud. Our cloud solution, Boxtop, eliminates the need for IT infrastructure by utilizing cloud as a virtual desktop.

Here are the top 5 reasons why CPA firms are moving to cloud with Boxtop. 

  1. Security. Accounting firms have become a target as cybercriminals know their networks are a treasure trove of personal data – not only names, addresses, and social security numbers, but also bank account numbers and other financial documents. Boxtop has multi-layered protection with proactive monitoring to ensure your data is always secure. With Boxtop, CPA firms can also enjoy the inherent benefits of cloud, like backup and business continuity. If your firm needs higher levels of security and has compliance requirements to meet, Boxtop Premium offers additional data protection and security.
  2. Accessibility. Being efficient and getting more work done requires you and your staff to have the ability to access your files and applications from anywhere, at any time. It means that working remotely needs to be just as fast and productive as sitting at your desk, something that many remote access add-ons impede. Boxtop allows you to log in to your desktop from any internet-connected device and instantly have access to your files and applications, exactly as if you were in your office.
  3. Management and Support. An accounting firm’s data is its lifeline. The data cannot be protected and backed up enough, and proper backups require snapshots to be taken several times per day. This is especially vital during tax season and other busy times when delivering work to clients are at their peaks. The Boxtop service team ensures that your IT runs smoothly with system management, maintenance, and support. Our help desk is accessible by phone and email with both on-site and after-hours emergency support available, as well as being able to remote into your Boxtop to address issues. This allows you to get your IT questions solved and get back to work as quickly as possible. 
  4. Applications. There are many applications that CPAs use, including Excel, QuickBooks, Lacerte, and the CCH suite. While these applications require a desktop/server environment because they are not cloud native, Boxtop allows you to run these and all traditional client-server software in the cloud. This allows you to keep the applications you love and not worry about the risks and costs of adopting and learning new software packages, while enjoying all of the benefits inherent in cloud.
  5. Simplicity. When your desktops and servers are in the cloud, you retain the full functionality and performance of Windows while keeping the same experience. This means that staff do not have to learn new systems or applications. After transitioning to the cloud, staff can continue right where they left off, helping to increase productivity. And, one of the greatest benefits of having all of your applications in one cloud is there are no issues when different programs and data need to work together.

CPA firms need to be able to work for their clients, rather than focus on their own IT. Boxtop moves your entire IT to one secure location, ensuring you never have to worry about managing your IT.

For more information or to request your free Boxtop demo, visit www.tabush.com/boxtop.


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