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Prepare Your Business for a Tornado Now Before It’s Too Late!

Tornados are one of mother nature's most unpredictable natural disasters that cause devisation to many businesses each year. It is important for businesses to take proper precautions to prepare for any given situation to reduce any risk from having to rebuild their firms. 

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What is protecting your business network?

Savvy business owners
understand the importance of installing a great alarm system monitored by a team of professionals. When a burglar attempts to break into a business, the alarm sounds and the authorities are notified. Common sense, right?

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Tropical Storm Isaac Churns In The Gulf – Are Gulf Coast Businesses Prepared?

By August 26, 2012, Tropical Storm Isaac had already added to the woes of Haiti residents and wreaked havoc in the Florida Keys. By the time it reaches land on the evening of August 28, the storm is expected to accumulate wind speeds that would make it a category 1 hurricane. Already, cities and towns along the Gulf Coast of the United States are preparing for the worst. What about you? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place should your business be damaged or destroyed by a level 1 hurricane or severe tropical storm?

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