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Will Boxtop Save Me Money?

Anytime a business needs to make an IT decision, the primary focus should be value.  Change always has a cost – be it the time to implement or train staff in a new system, the cost of the unknowns in the new system (versus the knowns of the current system), or the actual hard cost in dollars of new technology.  In any case, a business almost always decides to make a change because they are confident that the value delivered by the new system will outweigh its costs and risks, and it will do so by ultimately increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency.  Given all this, we are often presented with a very simple question regarding our Boxtop cloud IT platform, “Will Boxtop save us money?”  While the answer is not universal and often takes some time to get to, it is most often ‘yes.’ Here is how.

Boxtop typically replaces several recurring IT expenses for a company, including monthly IT support, off-site data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery, security software (such as anti-virus and anti-malware), internet content filtering, cloud file sharing, application hosting, remote access, and email security fees.  These fees alone often add up to well over $100 per employee per month.  There is also the cost of hardware – not just the money to buy each PC and server in a company, but also the costs to maintain valid service contracts, to upgrade or add capacity as needed, and to power and cool server rooms.  Then, just when everything finally seems settled, it is time to replace a server and repeat this all over again.

Today, nearly every piece of a business is digital, and any growing or mature organization knows that a well-run IT infrastructure is as important as good brakes are on a car.  Achieving this reliable IT infrastructure for a small business trying to own their own IT (even when management of it is outsourced) comes at a high cost.  Boxtop helps companies save money by consolidating all of those costs into one simple, manageable platform with all of the security, stability, and flexibility they need.  Moreover, Boxtop frees up internal resources so the firm can focus on what matters most: running and growing their own business.

When we go through a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis with prospective clients and show them what they are really spending on IT, Boxtop almost always is an option that will “save them money,” which is important to their CFO.  For the rest of their management team, they care that Boxtop simplifies their IT, removes complicated and sometimes unreliable infrastructure, makes everything securely accessible from anywhere, and enables them to stop thinking about IT.  This, in turn, allows them to focus on growing their business and ultimately helps them make more money. 

As you can see, the answer to whether Boxtop will save you money is not a simple one. Aside from the technical benefits of Boxtop, like security, scalability, and accessibility, one of the greatest values of Boxtop is the increased productivity your firm can enjoy when it’s not focusing on IT headaches.

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