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10 IT Recommendations for a Better Work From Home Experience

The Tabush Group Support Team is seeing many common issues from our clients who are all transitioning to working from home.  The following are some recommendations to ensure a good IT setup when working from home. 

  1. Ensure that your local PC has basic antivirus/malware in place.
  2. Stream video or music from a different device than you are working remotely on, as they can slow your device down.  Instead, your smartphone with a Bluetooth speaker works great!
  3. If possible, connect your PC/laptop to the internet directly (i.e. your router), using an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is great, but wired is still best. 
  4. If possible, connect all peripheral devices, like printers/scanners and webcams, using cables directly to your PC/laptop.
  5. If you are using a laptop or MacBook, consider using a full keyboard and mouse.  It is much more comfortable!  A laptop stand and monitors are also helpful.
  6. If possible, use a Windows laptop/desktop to connect to a Windows remote access system.  This means it is ideal to use a Windows computer if you’re using LogMeIn or Remote Desktop to connect to your office PC. The same is true if connecting to a Remote Desktop Server or a Citrix server via VPN and client.
  7. Many firms leverage cloud phone systems, and most allow for the installation of a phone app on on your smartphone or laptop/desktop.  These apps enable you to make and receive calls from your office phone number/ext.
  8. Get a Bluetooth headset to make all those calls hands free from your smartphone.
  9. Keep meetings face-to-face by leveraging a web conferencing platform.  Zoom (www.zoom.com) is allowing 40-minute meetings for free.
  10. Have more conversations and send fewer emails by leveraging a messengering platform, such as Slack, MS Teams, or Skype.
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