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5 Ways We Love to Show Our Team We Care During COVID-19

Like most employers, Tabush Group was taken by surprise by the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.  In this crazy uncertain time, our attention went to our employees.  Our team is the heart of our business and we wanted to do everything we could to make sure they knew it.  Here’s a few ways we made sure everyone felt valued and cared for while our lives are all changing so dramatically.

  1. COVID Care Packages:  As soon as the stay-at-home orders hit and people started flooding the stores for essentials, we decided to put together some care packages for each of our team members to show our support and solidarity.  In each package, we tried to give employees a “coffee break in a box” with some coffee mugs, coffee, a little sweet treat, and a note of thanks.  It was just a small thing we wanted to do to let our team know that we were there for them.
    1.  How to do it:  Want to make your own COVID-19 care packages for your team?  Think about your employees’ need, what would come in handy the most for them right now.  You might not be able to give everyone a pack of toilet paper and hand sanitizer at this point (if you can, bonus high five for being awesome!) but you can give them a thoughtful gift that says you’re thinking of them.  Here’s a few quick tips:

      • Make sure the person creating the packages is symptom and virus-free.
      • Consider ordering gift baskets online if you can’t ensure the people making them are virus-free.
      • One idea for a DIY working-from-home care package could have healthy snacks, easy prep lunches, dark chocolate, and of course, some sweet and salty snacks, like pretzels, chips, and dessert.
      • You can also go the non-food way and make a self-care survival pack, that’s full of niceties to let someone have some me-time.  Load the package up with lovely scented candles, a facial mask, lotion, bubble bath, bath bombs, and some soothing aromatherapy oils sure to inspire blissful vibes that will have your team fighting off that home-all-day anxiety.
      • If you can, grab a few packages of toilet paper, throw a roll into each employees’ gift.  It’ll give everyone a little chuckle and might just be the emergency roll that saves someone’s day!


  2. Virtual Happy Hours:  We’re really missing that face-to-face interaction with our team that we usually have on a regular basis.  At Tabush Group, we wanted to find a way to stay connected, have some fun, and get everyone’s mind off of the stress of being stuck inside.  We decided to jump in to the wonderful world of virtual happy hours and I think everyone is glad we did.  We started out with a game of “Guess Who” and it turned out to be quite the memorable experience.  We had employees supply us beforehand with random or quirky facts about themselves.  Everyone else had to guess which out-there fact related to which other team members.  Not only did it keep everyone engaged and chatting through the session, but we learned some rather interesting things about each other! (Like seriously, we would have NEVER guessed the person that got kicked out of boy scouts...and someone confessed to collecting Absolut Vodka ads in high school - we couldn’t make these up!)
    1. How to do it: It’s super easy, just send out a Zoom invite to your team.  Plan some fun activities or offer a prize, anything to keep the conversation moving and the emphasis on fun.  There are so many ideas out there to loosen everyone up and keep everyone engaged.  One of our favorites is next on the list. 

  3. Virtual Fun and Games: This is probably a personal favorite: Tabush Group Cribs!  Everyone was such a good sport and it was so much fun.  Basically we asked employees to send us a photo of their work space and had everyone guess whose crib was appearing on the screen.  We got to see everything from a swanky, well-accessorized apartment to some half-eaten homemade chocolate cake.  We’re still trying to decide which we envied more!  Plus, we got to see an array of LED keyboards, which makes us realize we really need to up our keyboard game.  It was a great way for us to get to know everyone in a personal way.
    1. How to do it: We love the virtual activity suggestions from Museum Hack.  Seriously, you need to see their tiny campfire s’mores idea, it’s the cutest thing!

  4. Virtual Training: Okay, these sessions might not have been as fun as the games above but our virtual trainings helped address some of the isolation and confusion we all were experiencing in the early days of working from home.  We divided employees that typically don’t work together into groups so people could interact with each other that might not usually get a chance to chat.  We made sure to include plenty of ice breakers into each session, so we’d have easy ways to connect and get talking.  We were able to talk openly about the challenges of working from home — figuring out a work/life balance, handling miscommunications, feeling isolated — and how to get past them.
    1. How to do it: Intro with a good icebreaker game (check out this link for some that are super-fast and easy) and then get into the real talk that we all need to have about this experience.

  5. Don't Be a Stranger:  Without the face-to-face of offices, it’s easy for people to feel forgotten! That’s why our leadership team decided to do regular check-ins with our employees. We continually try to be proactive and ask if there’s anything we can do to support their needs. Then, every Friday, we send a company email to keep everyone in the loop. This touching is a great way for us to provide security and reassurance during these uncertain times. We want to always make sure our employees know how valued they are.
    1. How to do it: Send out regular messages to check in with your team.  Ask how they are doing, if they are having any technical difficulties, or if they could use any additional software to make their work-at-home experience more effective.  Be open and honest about your own experiences!  Keep your emails short and personal, focus on the person, and what they mean to your business.  Remember, it’s always better to send a short note today, rather than wait for the perfect moment to craft a long, elaborate message.  Go on, send that thank you email!

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